How to Cite an Essay for Beginners

Every student needs to know the process of citation. It is very important that research papers cite the references that it has used for the results. Usually, essays do not need much citation procedures especially if they do not involve research. So how to cite an essay is not that big concern. However, if you are going to write an essay, make sure that you also have knowledge how to cite your external source of info. We will give you a short course in doing this.
If you want to integrate a part of another article into your essay, you simply need to copy it exactly as it is. Then you should enclose the whole phrase or sentence in quotation marks. Afterward, you have to site it by writing the last name of the author with either a publishing year or page number detail. For the APA format it look like this (Jones, 2005) and for the MLA it goes like this one (Jones 23).
How to cite an essay also involves the writing process of the bibliography page. This will always be a part of the structure of an essay. For both the APA and the MLA formats, you need the following details: name of the author/s, publication year, title of the article, city of publication, publishing company and page numbers. The entries in the bibliography page must be in alphabetical list.
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