How to Write an Opinion Essay

How to Write an Opinion EssayKnowing How to Write Opinion Essays is Critical for Academic Success
Everyone has an opinion. Not all opinions need to be backed with sound evidence. Stating what you feel about something is your opinion on it. No one will ask you to back your opinion with information when discussing something. However, when writing an essay this is essentially true. To write an opinion essay, students need their opinions backed by sound evidence. Let us educate ourselves on how to write an opinion essay.
What is an Opinion Essay?
An opinion essay is written by someone providing his or her opinion on something. This is backed by sound evidence which adds credibility to the opinion. An opinion essay can be written on any topic which is considered controversial. Essays such as Global Warming essays and Abortion essays can be written as opinion essays.
Writing the Opinion Essay
Many students are unfamiliar as to how to write an opinion essays. These students should obtain essay examples which provide them with sound knowledge of how to do this. Reading the information provided below will also help them to obtain an understanding of how to write the essay as well.
• Decide on what you will write you opinion essay. What will be your topic? Whatever the topic, students will have to ensure that it captivates the reader’s attention. The topic should also allow you to provide sound opinions on it.
• Once a good topic is decided on, list down the pros and cons of the topic. Each of the pros and cons should have valid reasons as to what makes it so.
• Formulate your opinion into one sentence to write the thesis statement. This is an important element of the essay. This is the reason for your essay.
• As with all other essay types you will introduce the thesis statement in the introduction paragraph of the essay.
• The body of the essay will cover all examples and information which makes your thesis statement what it is. Therefore, extensive research is required. Much information can be found in libraries and online. Keep in mind that you need to cite all your sources in the proper formatting requirements.
• The paragraphs should be well developed and should be logical. Transition between paragraphs is important to a well written essay.
• Each different point of view should be included in a separate paragraph.
• Conclude the essay by summarizing the argument and your core opinion.
Opinion Essay Topics
An essential part of getting to know how to write opinion essays is to learn how to select suitable topic selection. There are many topics for writing an opinion essay. Remember that the topic has to be interesting and relevant to the reader for it to make an impact.
• Legalizing abortion.
• Does disciplining a child amounts to child abuse?
• Capital punishment – a harsh reality
• The main cause of Global Warming and what should be done?
• Should we legalize marijuana?
• Why social networking is important.
• Students in high school have too much/ too little homework.
• Is the death penalty necessary?
• Rape – No means no.
As you can see, above topics are rather controversial. However, your choice of topics should depend upon what subject for which the opinion essay has bee assigned. By being educated on how to write opinion essays in the most effective manner, you can look forward to a fruitful result for your effort.
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