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When a writer begins to research essay topics, they might discover some extraordinary pieces of literature to use for material. Let’s look at one today. Khalid Husseini wrote his first novel, which was published in 2003. It was made into a movie in 2007. This is highly unusual as very few first time writers turn out a story that winds up as a movie. To write a Kite Runner essay, it is important to know the story for reference, and to examine the elements of the tale that made it interesting enough for a producer to buy it and put it on the silver screen.
You can read or watch the story and use the details as you wish in your Kite Runner essay. Right now, let’s concentrate on the undercurrents of the story and the characters. Without them it would be a bunch of blank pages, after all or a collection of useless words thrown together. The essay must be uniformed and put together with creativity and style using every detail possible that best explains the story. Start by writing a compellingintroduction to an essay followed by the most unique and interesting circumstances and facts revealed in the book.
The caste system is alive and well in Afghanistan, and corruption is as rampant as when the Kite Runner was written. People of different stations in life seldom associate with one another, much less become friendly. The story of Amir and Hassan is representative of people getting along and forming friendships in spite of their differences. Amir comes from wealth and Hassan is the son of a servant. Their relationship builds and is cemented by having something in common. Their love of kites drew them together and gave them shared experiences that had nothing to do with wealth or poverty. Many stories have been based on such a premise (friendships and loves between disparate people).
The antagonist in Kite Runner is Assef, a sadistic boy who objects to the friendship between boys of different classes. He Manages to catch one of the friends alone (which one?) and rapes him. The other friend watches, hidden, and too frightened to intercede on his buddy’s behalf. Many stories have examples of cowardice as focal points, such as Stephen Crane’s Red Badge of Courage, or the classic Four Feathers. Betrayal, even if undiscovered can cause a rift, which it does in The Kite Runner. Amir and Hassan are never close again.
Years pass and one of the boys manages to get to America where he begins to build a life. He meets a refugee woman and marries. The other boy also has a wife and a son. An urgent request comes and the one from America returns to Afghanistan. He learns that his friend has been killed (as has his wife) and their son is in an orphanage. In memory of his friend (and learning a deep, dark secret) he searches for the boy.
The ending of the story, and significant for a Kite Runner essay, is what happens to the boy, his abuse at the hands of Assef, and ultimate rescue. Once in America, he fails to adjust to his new life and bears the scars of being orphaned and abused. The link that finally pulls him out of his fear and depression centers on a series of shared memories of his father and the love of kites.
It all comes down to this. Regardless of essay length, fill in the blanks, answer the questions and yourKite Runner essay will turn out well.
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