Important Elements in Essay Format

Important Elements in Essay FormatThe must-have elements in essay format needed to be paid attention to.
Essay writing is not just simply typing or jotting down words into sentences. It got rules and regulation needed to be followed and the basic but complicated one is writing according to essay format. It is a sort of guideline on how an essay should be written and presented, on the basis of technical aspects. Nowadays, handwriting is too little or no more preferred for writing an essay and has been replaced by computer’s typesetting. In respond to this, there are several conditions to be met, for an essay to be synchronized among its type and comfortably readable by others. What are exactly important formats to be observed and followed in an essay?
Here are few things to be checked for when writing any essay:
Font is a word used to define character of letters composing words. The character usually represents shape of letters and there are lots of different fonts available in today’s computer setting. Most essays utilize ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Arial’ font, for the reason that these two fonts are easier to read, though other type of fonts may be used as well depending on essay’s requirement. All fonts come in various sizes and Times New Roman mostly used in size 12. As each font has different letter shape, similar size may not be accountable for all fonts. For instance, Arial font with size 12 is slightly bigger when compared with Times New Roman of similar size. Size 11 is preferable for this font in order to get the same reading speed and comfort. This format is applicable to all texts in an essay; with sizes variation can be applied to essay title and subheadings, again, in accordance with the question requirements.
Page numbering
Page numbering in essay format is necessary, usually placed at the bottom of each page. There are three options of which side of bottom page to put the number, whether on the left, middle or right. The placement of this numbering is not a big deal, as whichever side chosen would give the same effect. However, it is advisable to choose the middle or right side of the page, not the left side since the location is almost hardly noticeable.
Line spacing
Line spacing of 1½ or 2 is mostly used, giving space for readers to clearly capture different lines or for examiners to make corrections or notes between the lines. Line spacing of 1 tends to cause misreading of certain lines, which may result in poor impression to readers or examiners.
Contents Alignment
Contents in most essays usually make used of left or justify alignment, while centered and right alignments are certainly not appropriate. Justified alignment is much better compared to the left one, as it makes the essay content looks uncluttered and organized.
Following an essay format is important as it helps to give a better reading view and impressions to readers. Take a quick overview on other’s essay example to get few ideas on how to achieve this and start writing, correctly.
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