Sample Expository Essay Prompts

Sample Expository Essay PromptsExpository Essay Prompts Can Guide You in Your Essay Writing
Some of us might be more aware than others what an expository essay entails. Expository writing as defined as “writing designed to convey information or explain what is difficult to understand.” by the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary. These essays’ key objective is to be informative and explain the subject. The task of the expository essays is to add to the knowledge of the reader and take away any ambiguity or misconceptions. The information has to be presented as objectively as possible and as clearly as possible. In assignments such as this, it is common for the tutor to give you expository essay prompts. These will help you to direct your thought process in the correct direction and on a topic which is suitable for exposition.
 What is Expository Writing?
Unlike in opinion essays or a narration essay, your own opinions are withheld from this type of essays. The explanations are given with facts and not opinions. They are informative and can be written as essay that tells the reader how to do certain things and needs describing and explaining. A range of data and facts and examples are required in order to write an essay of this type. The structure of your essay is the standard as in for any other essay with an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
 Expository Essay Prompts
Following are a list of sample essay prompts for expository writing. These are usually given as middle school essay topics or as college essay prompts and it will be up to you to decide which prompt you will utilize in order to write your expository essay.
1. Offer details as to why reading is important.
2. Write a letter to your friend who is abroad and explain why she should come on a holiday to your country.
3. Your favorite play is performing at a theatre nearby; explain why you think others should see it as well.
4. Write pamphlets on how to pass the driving exam in one go.
5. Write an essay on how to stay fit and healthy, explaining the repercussions of overeating and lack of exercise.
6. Explain why cutting down trees is not a good thing. Give reasons as to why and the use of trees.
 College Level Expository Prompts
As you advance from high school to college the topics will differ. In high school you will get simple topics and prompts as discussed above. But once you are in college it will be more advanced and interesting essay topics such as politics, economy, and environment etc. Below are some more essay prompts for higher level students to consider in writing essays of expository style.
1. Explain the underlying principles of a socialist government.
2. Explain the impact of monetary policy on employment.
3. Describe how globalization can influence the betterment of living conditions in the third world countries.
4. Explain how is productivity of people are affected by national culture.
You may see that from the cited expository essay prompts, it is evident that you need to be knowledgeable with the subject matter in order to write effectively. Pre plan your essay writing and draw up an essay outline prior to the actual writing. Back your essay with quality information and evidence and cite them properly with proper essay reference. Follow these basic essay writing guidelines and your writing may well receive an A+ score.
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