Personal Essay Topics Have To Be Close To Your Heart

Personal Essay Topics Have To Be Close To Your HeartSelect a Personal Essay Topic which Allows You to Highlight Your Strengths
A personal essay is just that. It’s personal. It’s written on something private and gives a glimpse into your life. This essay will provide information about you to the reader. it will highlight you characteristics and habits which will enable the reader to understand what type of person you are. This type of essay will be commonly written for college or university admission. The essays can also double up for a Job Essay. Therefore, selecting a proper personal essay topic which allows you to portray your self well is very important.
 Essay Objective
The objective of writing this essay is to inform the reader of your skills, characteristics, disposition, lifestyle etc. and highlight the fact that you fit the profile of persons that they are seeking You will be able to elaborate and talk about yourself in a positive manner, but do not go overboard praising yourself! Subtle marketing is the key so, use the proper terminology and mention most of your achievements in a less boastful manner.
 What to Write
Similar to a narrative essay, a personal essay will also talk about something specific and meaningful to you by the use of the five senses, touch, sound, smell, hear and taste. It should be something that changed you and your perspective on life. You can write about an important event or a turning point in your life. Or it can be of a person that inspired you immensely.
 Selecting a Topic
The topic choice is limitless. There are many options to choose from. Whatever you select the topic should be close to you. When you write on something close to your heart, all your emotions and ideas will take form and you will be able to write a good essay. Be witty and funny, a little humor will be refreshing. A rule to follow in this type of essay writing is to select a topic that can highlight a character strength that matches with the personality profile that the reader is looking for. For example, if you are applying for a job as a fire and rescue officer, then in pick a topic which illustrates your courage. You may have rescued someone or it may be that as a child you had been rescued by someone from a disaster. This may have left an indelible impression in your life, promoting you to seek a job in this line of work.
 Extra Tips on Topic Selection
Think hard about something that happened to you. It can be a tragic experience, a funny experience or even an embarrassing moment in your life! Imagine how you would want someone to read about what happened to you and put it down on paper. Do not feel shy about writing about embarrassing experiences. You should however tell the reader how you diplomatically extracted yourself from the situation or how you managed to save your face from humiliation. An important essay tip to note is that what ever you decide to discuss in your personal essay, you must also cite how it impacted you or how you applied your personal skills to the situation.
Some personal essay topics to consider would be:
1. My most embarrassing moment.
2. What I would change, if I could go back in time.
3. The person I admire the most.
4. The best day of my life.
5. The worst day of my life.
If you are still unable to come up with a good personal essay topic, seek the advice of your tutors or refer to some online essay samples. By brainstorming and selecting a good essay topic which will help you to write a memorable essay.
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