Animal Farm Essay Can be In Various Forms

Animal Farm Essay Can be In Various FormsWrite Your Animal Farm Essay with a Sound Understanding of the Book
The Animal Farm Essay will be one of the essays which most high school and college students will be given to write. This type of text based assignments will require you to familiarize yourself fully with the material prior to beginning the essay writing. Animal Farm book was written by George Orwell in 1945. The book is about the Second World War, and it shows event leading up to and during the Stalin era. The story talks about how the animals get together and decide to overthrow the human owner. The story shows how people who are smarter, richer and more powerful will always come on top.
 Critical Analysis Essay Form
Your essay can be written as a critical analysis essay where the critical underpinnings of the story are analyzed. The book is a direct hint to the Russian communist government at the time and the author was against communism. He believed that although a lot of things were said and promised to the people, none of it would materialize in reality. His biggest consternation was that the people are too ignorant to realize the futility of these promises.
 As a Comparative Essay
In a comparative essay, you may you can talk about how the author likened each animal to some member of the communist party. When you are reading the book, you can realize that Although the story is written about animals and the farm, the reader has to understand the author’s intension of creating a parallel between the animals and the humans as well as the conditions of the farm with the conditions of life.
 Opinion Essay
Another way you can approach this is to write an opinion essay. You can talk about the lives of the animals in the farm and how unfairly they are treated in your own opinion. Or you can talk about the underlying story on communism and its repercussions and how even if everyone starts with good intentions, how with power they will invariably be corrupted.
 Basic Information
What ever essay style you choose to apply to this book review essay, you must give an overview of the book and the style of writing used by the author as well as a brief background on the author himself. This will lay the foundation for a complete essay that is properly hinged on the text. Also to note is that that immaterial of the essay style, the key issues of socialism, social values, injustices and material worth being discussed within the story must be focused upon in your essay. .
 Polish Your Writing
Lastly, don’t forget that Animal Farm Essay or any other essay will depend on the essay writer for not only incredibly creative ideas and conceptualizations but also good essay formatting and editing skills. If the essay is not properly proofread and edited it will remain like an uncut diamond. Once edited to perfection it will shine like with beauty of professional writing. So, make sure your work is polished to perfection.
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