Selecting Interesting Essay Topics in Order to Write an Interesting Essay

Selecting Interesting Essay Topics in Order to Write an Interesting EssayBoth Writing and Reading an Essay can be Interesting with Interesting Essay Topics
When you are given assignments to write essays, most of you will be stuck as to how you will choose interesting essay topics. This is a dilemma which is not common only to you. Every student goes through this problem. Sometimes if you are lucky you will be assigned a topic, but if not, then you will have to come up with the one yourself.
Selecting Your Topic
The best method of getting an idea is to identify a subject area and then brainstorm to get few options. Then you can examine them and choose the one which interests you as a writer. Unfortunately, many students will not take the time to select the proper essay topic. Most will just pick a topic haphazardly without considering the criteria that make interesting essays.
Essay Topic and Essay Type
The type of essay you are writing will also influence your topic. For instance for a persuasive essay you can pick controversial essay topics. But if your essay is an informative essay, then the topics have to be chosen from areas where the reader can gain information, preferably new knowledge.
Intersting to You and Reader
Your topic should be interesting not only to you, but also to the reader. If the reader is not captivated by your topic, he will not be compelled to read it through. Therefore, make it a “sit up and take notice” topic. While some of your English Essay topics may be related to works of literature, there are plenty of other topic types such as argumentative essay topics and analytical essay topics.
Scope of the Topic
Make sure that the selected topic is not too broad. There will be too many facts and figures for you to write about and you will exceed your word limit. On the other hand, your topic should not be too narrow either, as once you begin your research you will realize that there is not enough information on what you need to write.
Once a topic is chosen, list all information you know about that topic. This concept will let your ideas flow freely and you will realize whether you have enough ideas and information to write a successful essay.
Here are some interesting topics for your consideration;
1. Global warming and its effects on the human race.
2. Should the same sex marriages be legalized?
3. Economy crisis – who is to blame?
4. What should be done to stop domestic violence?
5. The risk of cancer due to smoking.
6. The Internet and its harmful effects.
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