Othello Essay can be Written in Different Forms

Othello Essay can be Written in Different FormsThorough Reading of the Material will Aid You in Write a Good Othello Essay
Othello essay is a common literature assignment which students are required to write in their high school and college years. It is another one of William Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies. This story is centered in Venice, and the story revolves around Othello, a Moorish general in the Venetian army, his wife Desdemona, a commissioned officer named Iago, and his lieutenant, Cassio. This story has all the elements required to make it a good literary adaptation, such as, love, jealousy, and betrayal.
It is said that Shakespeare used ideas from other sources to write this novel. He also incorporated certain historical events in this writing. There is also a view that the real Othello was an Italian named Mauricio Othello.
 Different Essay Forms
This essay can be written in any form. You can write an analysis essay on the plot, characters or even the era. The story itself can be analyzed and your views on the matter can be put forth on your essay by writing an opinion essay. If you choose to write it this way, then your opinion on the events and the personalities of the various characters can be the basis of your essay. If you need to write it as a critical essay, you can talk about the events in the novel. You can also critically evaluate the author’s writing styles, the tonality used and the managing of characters.
A critical analysis essay on this subject, will give you a chance to write about the strengths and weaknesses of Shakespeare’s novel, or you can write about the differences that you felt that were in the novel and the movie in a comparison essay. You can analyze on where the movie failed and where the novel succeeded, or vice versa.
 Know the Material Well
To write an essay on Othello, one needs to read the play and be familiar with the subject matter. You cannot write an essay of this nature without knowing of what the story and the characters are about.
If the topic has not been assigned to you, you can write about the characters and how they compare with the modern day man. When you select your character, make sure you write about every personal trait about him/her.
Whatever you write about, the central idea of the play has to be followed. You cannot give your ideas on what you imagined took place.
 Attempt it positively
Writing an Othello essay is not a simple task as it involves thorough reading and comprehension of literature work and then imparting your own ideas and analysis on the subject. This work will be similar to writing a Romeo & Juliet essay. But if the task is approached with a positive mindset and commitment to read the material, then the rest can be achieved by following some of the essay tips on writing a good essay.
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