Guidelines to Writing a Successful Montana 1948 Essay

Guidelines to Writing a Successful Montana 1948 EssayThere are many interesting Themes on which you can write Your Montana 1948 Essay
Writing a Montana 1948 essay will be one of the lighter assignments which you will receive in your high school years. Montana 1948 is an interesting novel written on human emotions and controversial human behaviors by the author Larry Watson. The story brings out the inner turmoil and emotional undercurrents experienced by its key characters, David Hayden, his farther and his uncle Frank who is a doctor.
 The Story
The story unfolds in Montana about a young boy’s adolescence years during the times after World War II. It deals with an array of human emotions ranging from deceit to lust, corruption, envy and anger. The central issue in the story addresses the taboo committed by the small boy’s uncle who is a doctor while serving in the Indian reservations. The boy and his family is forced to deal with the moralities and conscious issues vs. family ties when they come to know that Frank in his role of a physician, has sexually molested and abused many of the young Indian girls in the reservations.
 Suitable Essay Themes
When asked to write an essay on this story, which is a common middle school essay topic, you will be able to explore moral themes and the concept of right and wrong. The story has many facets of social and emotional issues. The racial discriminations, sexual exploitation, professional misconduct and violation of trust, growing pains of adolescence are just a few to name. You can write on any of these themes, if your tutor hasn’t assigned you one.
 Pre-planning and Preparations
In order to write a good essay you have to know your material. Therefore, read the novel and a few book reviews written on the text. In order to present your ideas in an orderly and logical manner we suggest that you use an essay outline. Structure is important with this essay as in any other type of essay as process essay or a business essay.
 Intro, Body & Conclusion
Begin with a paragraph on your topic introduction and go on to state direction of your discussion. In the introduction, point out the main ideas of the book and the main characters and your thesis statement. Giving reasons as to why you chose a certain topic is recommended.
In your body, you may discuss issues such as the problem of racism, the right and wrong of favoring your family in the face of wrongdoing of family members and on sexual exploitation, especially of those who are in less fortunate and socially disadvantaged positions.
And in the conclusion you will summarize what you have said in your essay and reiterate your point of view. You can write your Montana 1948 essay as an opinion essay or a book review. Which ever the form that you choose to write, this is an essay which you can choose to address many controversial essay topics.
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