Creating a Who am I Essay

What is a Who am I essay? This, for some will be the easiest essay to write while it can be a little more complex for others. It is an autobiographical essay that organizes and lists experiences, achievements and life lessons. The introduction to an essay such as this should include your overall perception of yourself as the writer and ask the question of who you really are.
There are many things that a person can add to this sort of an essay. But, if you have to formulate a short 250 word essay you may just want to focus on your family upbringing, goals and a few life experiences that have led you to this point. For 1000 words essays or longer you’ll need to expand on these general ideas and then get deeper into these aspects.
There are many areas that a writer can discuss when creating a Who am I essay. Let’s go through various paragraphs that should be a part of a lengthy writing project. This will help you focus on a plethora of great material that will attract your reader and keep them interested all the way through.
The beginning section of the essay should encompass your upbringing. This is vital in the explanation of your goals, your moral foundation and determination. This first page should not merely focus on a few vague references to your childhood but should definitely tell your reader a few things such as:
• Were your parents strict? If so, why?
• Were you privileged financially, or did you have to struggle to make ends meet?
• Is there anything different about your family?
From here, the writer should then go into details of their personality and moral foundation. It is a good idea in a Who am I essay, to support these things with how the writer was raised and their normal family life. Experiences are always a great way to set a scene and show your reader what life was like for you. For instance, if your normal childhood was in a strict yet loving home you may have developed a strong moral foundation where you try to do the right thing in all situations. Whereas, if you had a lax environment without many rules you might have developed the “do what you want” mentality. It is no secret that our childhoods shape us, so this is where the writer tells the story of why they think, feel and live the way that they do.
Next, tackle your goals and aspirations in life. Again linking them to past experiences and how you were raised is a great way to support your reasoning and ideals. Incorporating, in this general area, the life lessons that you have learned along the way and how these particular struggles and triumphs impacted your life will be a wonderful asset to the essay.
All of the aforementioned aspects will build a very telling and personally unique Who am I essay. If organized properly and filled with interesting points, your reader will enjoy it.
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