What My Vote Means to Me (Law essays)

What My Vote Means to Me (Law essays)Why vote? Why make the effort to learn everything there is about the presidential candidates running in the election and go out and vote? Will it even matter? Will my vote make a difference? Will I be heard? The answers to all of these questions are yes. The reason for voting is because all the answers to these questions are yes. It will be worth your while and you can make a difference.
The number one thing that my vote means to me is just the fact that it is my right as an American citizen. So many other people in different countries don’t have a say in their government and I know I need to be thankful. We are a free nation and get to pick who runs our country. We need to take advantage of our rights. If we don’t then all our country has fought for and accomplished is in vain. Also, so many Americans complain about our government, but if they haven’t voted and tried to make a difference to change the things that they are complaining about then they don’t have a right to complain in the first place. It is very important to get active and vote for a congressional representative that really cares about our needs and problems. If you elect somebody who genuinely cares for the people then you have somebody that will take the time to listen to important issues that concerns you and the people around you, taking a step to change the things that are important.
In conclusion, why vote? Vote because it is your right as an American. Vote because you are free to do so. Vote because your say matters. Vote because you care about your country. Vote because your voice is heard. Vote because you want the United States of America to grow and become a better nation. There is always room for improving. These are the reasons that I will go out and vote when I’m 18.
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