My Passion to Dance (Narrative Essay)

My Passion to Dance (Narrative Essay)The clock was ticking; I had just finished putting on my last layer of clear bubble gum flavored lip gloss. I was all ready to go in my costume and full on make-up. My number was about to start in a few minutes. I walked towards the girls stretching in the corner of room and slowly fell into a spilt, touching my toes. I had to stretch in order to avoid pulling a muscle.
Butterflies flew all around in my stomach, as I slowly approached the center of the stage. My heart was pounding, my hands were clammy. So afraid of making a mistake or freezing, but I knew I had to do this. It was what I loved to do. I’ve been working so long and hard for this moment; I could not just turned around and run. I had to prove what I’ve got. My body was shaking, I was trying to calm down and just breathe. I prayed to God that things will all turn out well and to help me let go of my fears.
The curtains opened. I looked up and my eyes popped. I stood there looking at over two hundred faces staring straight back at me. Big mistake, to have had seen all those people made me even more tense than I had started with. I wanted to run, run backstage and not have to worry anymore, but there was no turning back now. The spot light was on me and about five other girls.
As the music began, I began to move. I smiled, the feeling of the rush made me forget about all the uncertainties I just had. My eyes glistened, I was so happy I was there, being there in that moment, wishing that it could never end. I was in a whole new world and I gave it everything that I had in me.
Then the music stopped. It was over. The room abounded in applause. It was then I realized that fear of slipping up is nothing compared to trying and succeeding in what you do. That whole experience made was priceless. I had found my passion, the passion to dance.
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