New Orleans Experience.

New Orleans Experience.The Wonderful City of New Orleans.
Many people dream of a place where they can go and find peace. Many people desire a place to go where they can fulfill are there desires. Many people yearn for a place to go where they can carry out there wildest dreams. I have found my place to encompass all of these feelings. My place of escape was New Orleans, Louisiana. Since Hurricane Katrina devastated the country with its monstrous winds. New Orleans was a perfect place designed for amusement, vacation, and partying. Thousands of people came from all over the world to experience what New Orleans had to offer. From its hotels, music, food, and diversity, New Orleans provides a load of variety that most cities can’t come close to.
Although New Orleans has many things to offer, one of it’s amenities that people overlook are it’s variety of hotels. The hotel I stayed in when I vacationed at New Orleans made my trip delightful all the more. I stayed at the Alexa Quarters right in New Orleans. What caught my eye about the Alexa Quarters was its stunning architecture. Elegant marble and limestone filled the hallways with a delightful scent of French vanilla to match the city’s heritage. The Alexa had activities of its own. This hotel clearly went out of its way to make all guests stay enjoyable. To assure a peaceful slumber, the Alexa offered sleep amenities such as night mask, earplugs, cucumbers and fruit, and also included an optional sleep CD for the guest’s pleasure. Overall, my stay at the Alexa was remarkable!
Everyone has there favorite memories that they are able to call off the top of there head. My just happens to be the various styles of music New Orleans had to offer. New Orleans was the place where I learned to love music. During my stay I learned that New Orleans has a rich jazz music background. I went to the House of Blues, which was packed with all races and different culture. Before I visited New Orleans I was skeptical about jazz music. I thought it was just a whole bunch of guys messing around and making noise with there instruments. When I visited the House of Blues I fell in love with jazz! That day began a new chapter in my life. Listening to the melodious harmonies intertwined gave me a sensation I had never felt before. That was the day I knew music would follow me for the rest of my life.
After my mind was enchantingly stimulated by the music at the House of Blues, I began to get hungry. Little did I know, there were hundreds of restaurants in New Orleans, and is the most notable city for its spicy, Cajun foods. I am a lover of spicy foods. The aroma of steak and shrimp made my mouth salivate. As I walked down Bourbon Street I could taste a juicy porter house steak in my mouth. I let my brother know that we had to find the best place for steak. My brother, some friends, and I all gathered to eat at Ruth’s Chris. Ruth’s Chris had steak to die for. I didn’t mind spending fifty-dollars on a steak, it was definitely worth it. After I devoured my steak, we all ordered New Orleans famous gumbo! Gumbo is New Orleans prized dish. Once I was finished eating I knew New Orleans could satisfy my ears as well as my taste buds.
Out of all the qualities of New Orleans, the diverseness of New Orleans is by far the best. New Orleans is blessed with a unique array with ethnic backgrounds from all over the world. New Orleans is often referred to as the Crescent City and the Big easy. With its geographical location, right of the Gulf of Mexico makes it easy to accommodate a wide variety of cultures. While I went scuba diving in the Gulf of Mexico I met people of many descents. I never thought I would see Indians and Chinese people scuba diving at the same time!
Another experience I had with New Orleans diversity occurred when I participated in Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras was a very educational and fun experience. Mardi Gras was loud, exciting, and very colorful. The official colors for Mardi Gras are purple, green, and gold. People paraded around drunk, sober, and disoriented. Mardi Gras is definitely not for someone under the age of eighteen. During my Mardi Gras encounter I experienced culture shock. My whole Mardi Gras encounter I learned many lessons. I learned that cultures across the world can actually come together and have fun. Mardi Gras would not hold the great tradition that it has today if it were not for the city of New Orleans.
New Orleans was truly a city to learn from. Its hotels, food, music, and diverseness will never die in the hearts of all the people who experienced New Orleans to the fullest. In the city’s commemoration, even though New Orleans is not a city that still stands today, it will always stand in my memory forever and always be my favorite place.
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