Useful Tips for Writing a Symbolism Essay

The dictionary defines symbolism as ‘the use of certain figures or marks of identification to signify a religious meaning or faith.’ The most common example that comes to mind is the cross that signifies Christ or Christianity. A symbolism essay is one that elaborates on the use of symbols in any piece of writing or literature. For instance, you can write an essay to elaborate on the usage of symbols in the works of Charles Dickens, D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf etc. Alternatively, you can write an essay that uses symbols heavily to prove your case in point. Let’s go through some aspects of writing a symbolism essay.
1. It is one of the most interesting types of writing because it discusses elaborately on the usage of symbols. Sometimes, it represents an idea in a symbolic form.
2. A symbol can be an object or a person that represents something else. However, in literature, symbols are more complex and can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Therefore, as a writer of a symbolism essay, it becomes your responsibility to identify and enumerate the different types of interpretations.
3. The beginning of your essay should focus on identifying the symbols that are used in the given piece of literature that is being evaluated. If there is no evaluation being done, but a new topic is being discussed, outline the symbols that you will be using in the beginning paragraphs.
4. Next, discuss what you think of the usage of these symbols and the reasons these symbols were included by the writer.
5. Proceed to talk about why the symbols are important and what impact they have on the article or story. In some ways, symbolism essays are similar to analytical essays because of the amount of text analysis that goes into the body of the essay.
To write a good symbolism essay, you should also be familiar with the usage of symbols in the past. Therefore, a good reading of history and literature is highly recommended. You can also research essay topics to see how symbols were used earlier and what the economic, social and political conditions were during the times these symbols were used. This will give you a fair idea of why people resorted to using symbols and why they became so much a part of literature.
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