Different Aspects of an Essay on Internet

Historic inventions is a great issue when you research essay topics. In the course of human history, there have been some impressive milestones. The wheel, controlling fire (up to a point, anyway), flight, space travel, telephone, radio, television, and the most recent, the internet. To write an essay on internet isn’t difficult. It’s deciding what facet of the internet to concentrate on. No matter what angle you decide to write on it should be clearly explained in the introduction to an essay.
Former Vice President Al Gore notwithstanding, the internet was invented by the military. Instant communications all over the world, via satellite was a dream come true for the armed forces. It was a far cry from using light flashes or stringing wire across a battlefield. The idea grew and progressed to the internet we have today. Nobody knows where it might lead us tomorrow.
Today, the internet provides us with the opportunity to voice our opinions freely (and sometimes anonymously) on any subject. We can meet people from all over the world and learn about places we might never actually visit. I know someone who had met a man from Australia and has moved there to get married.
Anessay on internet might include the millions of people who work from home, enabled by the World Wide Web. Education is also available on the internet, both for advanced degrees and technical training. It is an invaluable tool for elementary and high school students as well as those in college. All the information you need in a matter of seconds! Even senior citizens can learn to use this marvelous tool to shop from home!
Writing an essay on internet should probably contain the downside as well as the positive factors. There is an overload of pornography and games that can be literally addictive. Parents should monitor their kids usage of the internet closely, since predators can be found as they try to “connect” with young children for criminal and even deadly purposes.
Music downloads are very popular and most performers have websites so their fans can learn about them and order their material. Celebrities of all kinds use the internet for advertising their latest projects.
Politics are another popular subject for internet researching. You can find out all about a candidate and what their positions (and votes) are. It’s sometimes difficult to sift through rumors and misinformation to find the truth, but knowing the best candidates and understanding the issues is very important around election time.
In short, the internet is a cross between a magic carpet and a library. Writing an essay on internet can include so many different uses for it, its history, where it might lead us in the future and how to have lots of fun while never leaving your home. It can also include the danger we face with such a convenient outlet for our interests is that we can vegetate and shrink away from actual human contact. I filled out a survey recently and was shocked by some of the questions. It asked if all my friends were on the internet. Then it asked if I had ever met any of them in person! It’s not in any way healthy to devote oneself completely to the internet instead of experiencing real life. Regardless of essay length this can prove to be a worthwhile essay to write.
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