How to Write an Immigration Essay

Immigration is all over the news these days. What most people don’t understand is that the United States of America was created and built by immigrants. Theintroduction to an essay such as this should include a brief history lesson for the reader to explain your point. The Founding Fathers had their roots in Europe and either they or their families had immigrated long before they rebelled against Britain and turned the 13 colonies into thirteen states. Writing immigration essays should be a simple matter, but the issue has become more complicated over the centuries.
After the United States was formed, immigrants came from all over the world with the promise of freedom and unprecedented rights drawing them by the millions. In the early days, people came to work and prosper without the constraints of a class system keeping them forever in one category or another. They wanted a country where they had rights and the opportunity to overcome ignorance and poverty that held back Europeans. Immigration essays should encompass aspects such as these.
Ellis Island was the first place the new immigrants saw when they arrived in America. In order to become successful in their efforts to make America their home, the newcomers were taught to speak English and understand the Constitution. These were requirements that enabled the new immigrants to find work and improve their educations. This knowledge primed them to make the most of the opportunities the USA afforded to them.
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France. The end of the inscription states, “I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” This was an invitation to the world and the world was listening!
Over time, Ellis Island closed and the restrictions became both stricter and more lax. An essay on the differences between immigration then and now could be very interesting!
What is the same today as it was 100 years ago? People want freedom and opportunities that other countries don’t have. Cubans escape from their communist country and risk their lives by crossing shark infested water for the chance to come to America. People from Mexico and Central America escape drug cartels and poverty by trying to move north where they hope to find work and protection. Many people from communist countries and other repressive regimes want freedom and opportunity and come for those reasons. For the most part, the later day immigrants are honest, hardworking people in search of a better life for themselves and their families. Most of them come legally, even though it takes time and money to be allowed to stay and become citizens. They believe that their efforts are worth it and are generally rewarded with brighter futures. This a compelling fact to include in immigration essays.
Illegal immigrants are another story altogether. Many of them sneak in to sell drugs or commit crimes. Terrorists sneak in, hoping to attack us. These groups tend to stay to themselves, refuse to learn the language, and take advantage of social services instead of working and trying to become part of their new country. Some immigrants seem to be trying to remake the USA into the country they left, waving their homeland’s flags and trying to bring old laws to the new land. Shariah Law is one example.
Immigration essays can cover a lot of territory, as you can see. Be sure to study the whole situation both past and present before taking sides. The more information, the better the essay will turn out. No matter is you are creating an argumentation essay or a persuasion essay.
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