Ideas for Writing a Community Service Essay

If you are planning to write an essay that will allow you to present a topic that shows the compassionate side of your personality you might decide to write a community service essay. This can be written as an explanatory essay or in an experience driven short story style. Both are great and will provide your reader with an insight into the various aspects of community service as well as a deeper look into your personal character.
Whether this is a short 250 word essay or a 1000 word essay theintroduction to an essay should be clear about your general idea. Make sure that you focus on the main point and don’t ramble. I’ve decided to list a few of the more common community service activities that people enjoy and show the various way that a person can help give back to their local area.
Homeless shelters are a wonderful way to help your community. When writing a community service essay about this option remember all of the aspects that are included. For instance a person can volunteer to gather donations, help out at events, serve food, clean sleeping quarters, do laundry, and hand out clothing, hygiene products or coats. Of course there are other areas to work in as well, but you get the idea.
Hospitals are another great place to volunteer. Spending time in children’s hospitals making the kids forget about their diseases or life threatening illnesses and focus on laughter and fun is an excellent way to give back. This can be a rather sad community service essay to write as with convalescent hospitals. By volunteering in these types of places you will probably see individuals deteriorate in health or know individuals that will pass away during your time helping out. But to bring joy to people fighting to keep their life, you will have a lot to mention in your essay and walk away knowing that you made a difference.
Libraries are pretty neat places for kids and teens to volunteer. Anyone who loves literature can find a rather enjoyable time cataloging and organizing in the library. This is also a great way to learn vital administrative skills. Skills such as these look very good on a resume and can provide experience for anyone who is likely going to choose to be an administrative assistant.
Church events such as outreach programs can help a person break out of their comfort zone and get them involved in working as a group. These activities can be anything from church festivals, carnivals, concerts, camp outs and more. This is one of the more fun volunteer choices to make.
Mentoring can be highly rewarding. If you are planning to interject some heart warming tales or humorous experiences into you community service essay this might be one of the most interesting to your reader. Society is full of children and teens that have been pushed aside. Mentoring these troubled kids and helping them see that their life is precious and no one can take away their dignity can be a great feeling. Quality time spent working with needy youth will probably hold some of the most memorable times in your life, not to mention theirs.
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