Approaching an Essay on Environment

The environment is a very popular subject these days, regardless which side you’re on. A good essay on environment might be better if all sides of the issue were researched and examined.
Needless to say, “An Inconvenient Truth” very effectively presents the side which believes that mankind caused the “climate change”. The facts and figures, however, have been in question for some time and may have been altered to make the intended point. When using a documentary of any type, it’s a good idea to verify the facts and extrapolations before using them, in order to avoid errors.
That being said, “the environment” is a very big term and can have many different meanings. People have a “home environment”, meaning the place where they live and all the conditions therein. Students with a happier home environment tend to do better in school and be more successful as they get older.
Work is another “environment” that often determines the attitudes of the employees. A pleasant workplace can keep people on the job, while an unpleasant one tends to make the employees unhappy and their performance poor. When you research essay topics you should be clear about your point and state it specifically in theintroduction to an essay as well.
On the subject of the environment (as meant in the most common usage), there are many different factors at work. Weather conditions, altitudes and climate in general cause the outdoor environment to be vastly different from one place to another. The Swiss Alps are as different from the Gobi desert as they can get. Yet they have a few things in common. For example, the wind blows and the temperatures raise and lower, according to the time of day and even the seasons of the year. No matter where you are, everything runs in cycles or seasons. So, after you decide which angle to take on your essay on environment you are ready to begin the creative process.
Mankind has stewardship of the environment, as a whole. But it wasn’t always that way. Looking at the geological record, we can see that the seasons came and went, much as they do now. Dendrochronology (the scientific study of tree rings) can tell us a great deal about the earth when humans were a minority. Reference books can be found in most libraries that explain geology and dendrochronology from a purely scientific standpoint. These are all great resources when writing an essay on environment.
Pollution is a fact of life, and has always been. Volcanoes and oil seepage from the ocean floor cause temporary pollution, while dissipating in time. For example, the wind currents distribute volcanic smoke and ash over a huge area, causing less damage than in the immediate path of the lava floe. Undersea oil seepage is removed by the sand and salt of the tides as the water dissolves it. Tornadoes, cyclones and typhoons wreak their havoc where they strike, but do little damage further away. Tsunamis are the same, their effects are felt in a certain area, but not any further. These are all working parts of the natural environment, along with the changing seasons so an essay on environment should encompass all of these facts.
The world that human kind occupies is under our control, up to a point. If we are wise, and good stewards of the Earth, we can change a little of the world. We can clear land for farming and building, hunting, fishing and mining without causing permanent damage. We can stop water and air pollution with reasonable restrictions and oversight. Replanting trees to prevent erosion and flooding is another good way to protect the environment. Information on all these things are readily available both on the internet and in libraries.
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