Writing an Informative Stress Essay

Stress is a word that encompasses so much. When writing a stress essay one might choose an analytical or explanatory essay format. It is because this topic is so involved that a lot of people would rather just buy an essay on this subject instead of going through the research to develop an in depth paper on their own.
There are two types of stress, good stress and bad stress. In theintroduction to an essay on this topic, there should be a clear point as to what exactly will be discussed. For instance, will it be only on good stress or only on bad stress or will it analyze both? If it is going to present both types of stress then the angle should be determined next.
The angle, or approach, for a stress essay could be about the emotional, physical or mental effects that stress has on an individual or relationships. Both are strong points that allow for a solid paper that can truly educate the reader. The key is to organize it all to make perfect sense.
Here are some common examples of good stress:
• anticipation (wedding, birth, promotion)
• enjoying a scary movie or attending a haunted house
• fast paced or thrilling roller coaster rides
• winning an award or the lottery
The rush a person gets from the event or activity is still considered stress. It is generally not negative or harmful to the body, emotions or mind. It does, instead, have a positive impact.
Bad stress examples can be:
• fear
• depression
• anger
• worry
This type of stress can have a serious negative impact on the body as a whole. It can weaken the immune system, promote high blood pressure, cause heart attacks, mental disorders and so much more.
There are various causes and a good stress essay should address them. The vague reference of stress is not going to help your paper. Instead, listing what causes stress and what effect each type has on the body is a great place to start. For example, you can mention the mental and emotional factors but don’t forget physical aspects as well. By physical, I mean subluxations.
So, after pointing out the types of stress, the effects and the possible causes the writer could then go into detail about the many ways to prevent and treat the problems. There are countless resources online and in your local library. Be sure to quote only relevant sources that hold water. You don’t want to quote an unqualified source as that leaves too much room for error. Doctors such as psychiatrists and chiropractors are an excellent place to begin.
A stress essay is not a difficult one to create. But, it will take time and effort to make it worth reading. The best thing to remember while you’re doing it is that an essay, such as this, is a great way to show off your ability to research as well as you proficiency in language and grammar. A person definitely has the potential to score points with a complex topic like stress, if they are up for the challenge.
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