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Book ReportWhen given a task of writing a book report most students give a deep sigh in response. This type of writing, however, is one of the best ways to expand your literary horizons. Most book reports follow a similar format, but your teacher will probably outline what he or she expects from you. Follow those instructions first. Bear in mind that a book report is completely factual. It includes information on the author, title, place and year of publication as well as a summary of the content of the book.
The steps to follow for your book report are choosing your book, reading the book, the outline of your report, the draft and the final report.
Very often when students are given this task teachers tell them exactly what book to read. In this case there is not much to do other than proceed with reading. If you have a choice, however, think carefully what kinds of books do you like reading more. Do you love reading history books, or do you prefer novel reading? This is an important question to ask yourself, since if you don't like what you read, you are not going to enjoy the writing process.
Now that you have read it, let's proceed with the outline. If your choice was fiction, the main points of the outline should include the setting, the time period, the main character(s)and the plot. In case this was non-fiction, you would need to mention the subject and the summary.
The draft your book report will be a fleshing out of the ideas from your outline. Don't worry about being too neat as no one else will be reading this part of your work. You can write additional notes in the margins but try to make sure that, when you come back to write your final report, you can understand the exact order of your material.
Now you have come to the final stage - putting together the final report. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with your draft before you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. All of your revisions should have been made on your draft so your job now is to make sure that your presentation is correct. Check your grammar and your spelling. Try to use a word processor if possible. Typed book reports look better than handwritten ones. They are easier for your teacher to read and they are easier for you to correct. Cutting and pasting your work can be a real bonus here.
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