Choosing an Essay on Death

Life and death are both surrounded by rituals. As long as mankind has walked the earth, there have been both societal and religious factors involving death. To write anessay on death, it’s best to start with what you know and expand from there.
Most people have lost a friend or loved one and seen death from the angle of tragedy, sorrow and loss. The irreversible absence of someone is a hard thing to deal with. Religion and the promise of resurrection takes some of the pain away, but there is still an empty place where someone once lived.
The Pharos of ancient Egypt began their reign by planning for their own deaths by building pyramids as their monuments. Their mummification techniques did, indeed, give them a semblance of immortality. Thousands of years after their deaths, we can see their faces and hear their names, not to mention viewing the treasures they took to their graves.
During times of plagues, death became so common that the bodies of the dead were carted off to mass graves and burned to prevent the spread of disease. Native Americans often built funeral pyres and burned their deceased to prevent them from being eaten by wild animals. Vikings sent their dead to sea on flaming ships.
Traditions and cultures determine the treatment of the dead and information can be found in any library concerning specific details. Depending on theessay length you need, the interesting facts can help build a long or short essay on death.
For information concerning how modern society handles death and dying, a very good resource is a local mortuary. Most funeral directors are happy to answer questions and even give tours of their facilities.
Cemeteries are also interesting places to visit if you’re writing an essay on death. Older cemeteries can be especially fascinating. The history of a town or an area is all right there, on the headstones!
Most cities and towns have hospices that care for dying patients. Hospice workers can be informative when it comes to the care of those who are about to die and how people react to knowing they are about to lose a loved one. Professionals who deal with death and dying may have insights that you can’t find anywhere else, too.
Since religious beliefs are intertwined with issues of life and death, your pastor (or any church leader) would be able to discuss rituals, traditions and faith on the subject.
Depending on the perspective and the length of your essay on death, there is plenty of available information to cover every aspect, whether historical, societal, psychological or religious. Perhaps the most difficult is how many different aspects you have to choose from and how many of them you want to use. An essay on death really allows freedom with the angles the writer can take. If you buy an essay it is important to point out the point of view you wish to take and whether or not you want an apa or mla style essay.
Death, as well as life, involves many complicated areas. Forensics is one more possibility to include in an essay on death. The techniques for solving murders is a fascinating subject all by itself. Information on finding murder victims and solving the mystery of who they were or how they died (not to mention who was responsible!) can be found on any number of television programs.
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