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Research Paper on FashionThe world of Fashion is a vast arena and encompasses every sphere of your life and your activities. Fashion today has taken a front seat and is of topmost priority to every individual from every age group. The word “fashion” in itself covers a wide arena from clothing to your mode of education, to your way of communication everything today holds a prefix to it in the form of ‘out of’ or ‘in’ fashion. Though the impact is more on the youngsters that is from the teenagers to the working professionals its not that the others are left out.
All that we do today has got to be fashionable and the latest to the list is whether you are tech savvy, the way you communicate, the way you present yourself everything ought to be fashionable today. Though fashion predominantly in the past was related to the designerwear - clothing, footwear, accessories and others the scope of the word has increased gradually and now it covers everything that you can name of. From the kind of furniture, the kind of cellphone, the kind of clothing, the kind of jewellery, the format of your letter writing, the language you use on the email, the kind of cars, the way you wear make-up, the shades you use for your clothes and your make-up to the way you place your furniture’s in your house everything now evolves around fashion.
All the above mentioned things have their own fashions and some of them have their own reputed, international brands also like the Versace, Calvin & Klein, the Woodlands, Nike, Aarmani, Durian and such like many more the list goes on and on.
Youngsters today are more prone in imitating their role models and in most case it is the silver screen heroes and heroines when it comes to fashion related to your dresses and other trendsetting activities like some punch line or any other such activities. When it is how you set up your house or how you design your furniture’s people generally follow the trend set by some interior decorators. It is a natural habit of almost everybody today to follow a set pattern which most of the time is very new and contemporary and is laid out by a certain individual or a group of people and call it the “in-thing” which in other words mean that this is “in fashion”. The term fashion has become so very predominant these days that which
restaurants or which fast food center’s you eat in also is termed as fashionable and out of fashion now. Like eating in Mc Donald’s is fashionable but eating in an equally good road side ordinary restaurant is out of fashion.However, sometimes it is also the other way round where people eat in the roadside restaurants just because that’s in fashion not even giving a thought to the important factors of the quality of food and service that the two different places will have, though this in itself is a debatable topic.
Youngsters today get into the habit of smoking and boozing because they with their very little and immature thinking ability feel that this is in fashion and for them whatever is in fashion must be followed by all and sundry. Many teenagers in India today watch only English movies and listen to English music as that is in fashion. They are more knowledgeable in the
English culture than their own motherland’s culture which by the whole world is considered as one of the richest and valuable cultural society. We do not want to mention that knowing the English culture is a negative aspect but knowing your own culture is equally important, but fortunately or unfortunately that is not in fashion.
The fact to be accepted here is that following fashion trends which ever way it might be does certainly prove beneficial at times but sometimes it is also the other way round. But, it is also left to us whether we take up the positives or the negatives from what is in fashion today. In doing so today’s guardians and the people who are involved in grooming today’s youngsters to become responsible Indian citizens of tomorrow play a major role and the onus is on them to guide the youngsters properly to choose the right path. Last but not the least the colourful world of fashion is so amazing that it ultimately takes everybody in its span including the elders and the oldies also who get overwhelmed by the trend setting fashionable ways and items and join the band of these fashion oriented youngsters.
Among all the differences that exist between the different countries and provinces, Fashion trends is possibly the only mantra the whole world chants in unison today.
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