Death Penalty

Death PenaltyFor many years death penalty has been one of the most controversial topics not only in United States, but all over the world. People and different organizations have been arguing on this topic for a very long time. So now there are two main positions on the question. First one is that death penalty should be used in order to punish the killers. Another position is that there are other ways of punishing, and that we have no right to use corporal punishment.
The roots of the death penalty in America have come with the first settlers, from Great Britain. As statistics show, the rise of the use of the corporal punishment was during seventeenth - nineteenth centuries, but then it declined. Since 1990’s the rate of executions rises again. (Death Penalty Information Center)
There are a lot of issues for and against corporal punishment. People, who support the death penalty, consider that it can reduce the level of crime. Supporters believe that it will stop people from murdering, if they will know that they will be executed for this crime. In this way, the society tries to prevent the murder, by frightening of the potential murders. So if the government will prohibit the death penalty there is a probability that the murder level will increase. The analyses of 1973, which were done by Isaac Ehrlich, have shown that for every executed inmate, seven people were saved, because others were aware of death penalty. (”In support of the death penalty”)
Other supporters of the death penalty believe that even if it won’t stop murders, from committing a crime, it will prevent repeat offenders. There are so many examples, of repeated crimes, when a person, who just got out of prison, kills again and again. It is known, that the yearly average of victims is about 15,000, and the number of executed prisoners for the last 30 years is only about 1,000. This fact proves that death penalty was used only in the worst of the worst cases. (Hall, Charlene).
A lot of supporters of the corporal punishment say that keeping the killers in the prison is irrational, because money for this keeping come from the taxpayers. They believe that it’s not fair, that people, whose relatives were murdered, should pay for the keeping of prisoners.
Even though there are a lot of reasons, why corporal punishment should be used, many people are in the opposition of the death penalty. They believe that actually corporal punishment increases the crime level. They explain it by saying that the death penalty can lead to the violence, because it sends the message that any kind of conflict can be solved by violence. Furthermore, all the Ehrlich analyses were widely criticized, because they didn’t have enough of supporting facts.
People who opposite the death penalty, say that it can be perfectly replaced by a sentence of life in prison. They believe that this would be even more effective punishment for the inmates. Of course it will take some money from the governmental funds, but it will save the morality of the society. In fact, executions also take money of the taxpayers.
Another reason why death penalty should not take place is religion. A lot of people consider that execution is a breach of the God’s Ten Commandments. They believe that only God can decide on human’s life, and that no court has the right to decide whether the person deserves to die. In fact, there is always a possibility of accusing an innocent person. (”Death Penalty”)
In the twenty first century a lot of countries consider the death penalty as a cruel and unusual punishment, however the number of countries that apply it is also big. So everyone should decide for himself, whether it is right or wrong.
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