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Business EssaysA business essay assumes you to enter the imaginary business environment. During your studying in high school or college, you can be required to practice specific skills necessary in business situations. Before you start you career you need to acquire such experience and be prepared for the similar situations in the future. Therefore during your education process you will most probably write a business essays that will require specific writing skills that are suitable for business environment.
Business essays are frequently assigned in Business Administration majors. There students need to take managerial decisions and feel the business environment even before they start to work. However if your major is different you will still face such types of assignments. They can be either in written or oral form. Basically, you will still need to write the text before presenting it to the audience. Writing a successful business essay is a skill that is required not only in college environment but in business too.
Writing a document in a business setting involves a process that is different in some cases. Business essay requires direct, concise, and clearly organized writing and is rarely the effort of a single draft. You will also need to show credibility in your essay in order to persuade the reader that you are worthy person to deal with. It may seem counterintuitive, but you will spend less time writing a letter twice (producing both rough and revised drafts) than you will trying to do a creditable job in a single draft.
In your business essay you should also consider that your readers are busy people tending to help if your writing is direct, concise, and clearly organized. A direct letter or memo will state in its opening sentence your purpose for writing. A concise letter or memo will state your exact needs in as few words as possible. A well-organized letter or memo will present only the information that is pertinent to your main point, in a sequence that is willingly understood.
You essay should also follow the accepted format standards in order to make it even easier to read and understand your proposals or comments. Except of standard formats and spacing, you will need to include the standard information that is required for business papers. It should be the following:
· Return address and Date
· Inside address
· Salutation
· Body of the letter
· Closing
· Abbreviated Matter
This order will allow the reader to easily go through your letter and find all necessary information in the shortest period of time.
There are different types of business letters. Some of them should be written in the essay writing form, some as the standardized letters. Letter of inquiry, resumes, and memoranda are the common types of such business letters.
In your business essay you will need to collect and analyze information to use in the efficient, productive, and profitable operation of the business. For example, you could gather sales data so that assess how well a product is selling and project future sales. A prediction of future sales is necessary to make clear how many items to make, how much raw material to purchase, and how many employees to assign to a production run. It is possible to gather information from a variety of sources including internal reporting systems (weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports prepared by employees), surveys, focus groups, interviews, direct observation, and secondary-source research. In your business essay you will use the data to determine findings, draw conclusions about those findings, and make recommendations for action. Remember to reference any sources of used information. Your audience will be interested in any useful information and the place where they can find it.
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