How to Write a College Essay

How to Write a College EssayThere are two periods in student’s life. The first period is when they apply for College and the second one is when they are studying here. On the first step you should prepare a successful application college essay that reflects your personality and differentiates you from the other applicants.
Then when you have entered the College, be prepared to changes in your understanding of what studying means. The requirements and teaching environment are really different as well as writing assignments that you will receive. When you are entering College you are taking much more responsibility than in the High School. While previously you had a constant assistance and help from your teachers, now you become yourself responsible for all classes. In College you do not only apply learned materials but also your thoughts and investigations.
In College essay professors require you to think, analyze, summarize, and solve. Your task is to apply learned and related material to the particular situation and solve it or make judgments. In College, essay assignments are more popular that tests and quizzes. Professors like to give them because they make students to think logically, to demonstrate specific writing and analytical skills and at the same time to learn subject.
In College you will get more complicated essay assignments that require a lot of efforts and investigation. The tasks will be designed in such a way that you will not need to duplicate already learned information, instead investigate and make conclusions relying on your knowledge and new information you’ve found. Sometimes teachers won’t phase your assignment and give you concrete questions or problems that should be solved. Most likely you will simply receive general name of the paper and will need to apply critical thinking process to phase the paper on your own.
You can be also asked to complete the research paper or any other type of essay assignments on some subject. In this case you will need to think out the topic, which you would like to research, and make specific thesis in order to prove of analyze, depending on the essay type. In the science disciplines it is hard to give unique assignments, however you could receive some that require creative thinking and experiments. Such assignments will also require your knowledge and investigation. Now it becomes your responsibility to learn the material that wasn’t on the lecture but is still needed to complete your college essay paper.
Many of your writing assignments will not get grade at all. While in the High School you received extra credit assignments that could raise your grade, in College these extra credit papers are not applied to your grade. Such projects are only your personal interest and efforts. In College you will learn one area of the study; therefore your essay assignments will involve other disciplines learned during your education.
In order to complete successful college essay you should:
1. Apply Critical Thinking process
2. Be good researcher
3. Be good writer
4. Know the material
5. Think creatively
6. Manage your time wisely
7. Return your essay on time
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