Essay Writing: How to Write an Essay?

Essay Writing: How to Write an Essay?When you are starting to write an essay the first step is to plan your essay and determine what you are going to write about. All writers have trouble getting started. The best way to start writing your essay is to begin planning.
Inexperienced writers define planning as essentially a thinking activity. Being the one of them, you most probably start with planning inside your head what you want to say, and then you copy your thoughts onto a piece of paper. Unfortunately, as you will discover, such planning usually produces two kinds of failure: (1) you cannot think through everything you want to say before you write, and (2) you cannot simply transfer your thinking to writing.
In fact, planning is primarily a writing activity, as most experienced writers can testify. Although they admit that they do some planning before they write, they insist that they do their most productive planning after they have begun writing. For them, planning is not so much thinking and writing as it is thinking-in-writing. Try this on your own. Start to write your plan and don’t be afraid of any changes. When you will write your essay your plan will become more and more clear. This would be the plan to your second draft. By making several drafts you will come up with a good and thought-out plan that will form a meaning to your readers in your essay.As the first stage in the writing process, planning helps you uncover, explore, and evaluate a topic for your essay. Whether you are assigned a topic by your teacher or are free to accept any topic that occurs to you, planning helps you locate and produce information in writing.The sources for your information in the essay are the following:
• Your memory
Your own past is one of your best sources of information. Since childhood you have been accumulating memories about people, places, and things; about growing up, falling down, leaving home, staying put — the endless. These memories often pop into your head when you least expect them. When you begin to write an essay, however, you cannot remember on impulse. You must remember on purpose, searching your past for information you may want to use. Select a prompt — a word, an image, or a question — to unlock your memory and focus your attention.
• Your observation
Like most people, you spend much of your life as a casual observer, acknowledging but rarely examining the blur of daily experience. You have learned to look for the things you must see — the assignment on the syllabus, the stop sign at the intersection. But for the most part, you look through the world the way you look through a magazine, flipping pages without any particular purpose. When you begin to write your essay, you must train yourself to look for interesting subjects, significant features, and telling details to help you compose vivid verbal pictures.
• Something you learned through someone else or through research
To broaden and deepen your understanding, you must reach beyond the limits of your personal experience to determine how others have perceived your subject. For this purpose you should research the information on you essay topic, which is already available. Almost any subject you choose has been researched by other writers. Sometimes their research reflects and reinforces your view of the subject. More often it enlarges, confuses, or even contradicts your conclusions. There are two common ways in gathering information before writing an essay. It is conducting the interview or reading.
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