Mystery of the eastern women

Mystery of the eastern womenWhat should a person, who is not allowed to leave the house without shawl on a head and long totally black chadra feel? For us such rules are strange and ridiculous but for the eastern women they are a common thing. All my life I’ve been wrestling with any opportunity of the appearing of the fact of sex discrimination and it was a great mystery for me how could they stay so calm and do nothing to stop it. But having read a lot about it I understood that eastern women are as free as Europeans are.
Furious feminists repeat all the time that free woman would never wear chadra, so eastern women are oppressed. Yes, they have some rules concerning their wear while they are outside, but doesn’t this detail make eastern women even more intriguing and mysterious? Besides, at home they may wear whatever they want. Under the chadra eastern girls can wear short top and streamlined jeans.
The opportunity for the Iranian to have up to 4 wives, which seams so insulting for the Europeans, causes only a light smile on the face of eastern women. The reason is that all the expenses, concerning the wedding and future family life are on the shoulders of fiancé. And it is a great sum of money so almost all Iranians have not more than one wife. Besides eastern women have right to work but they should spend their wages totally on their own needs and I don’t think that someone won’t accept such eastern tradition.
Having thought about all these aspects I’ve come to the interesting results. Whatever we do still remain some aspects, in which we are dependant on men, so don’t eastern women who realize and accept it are happier and more free than we, who are wasting our lives trying to prove something to someone instead of enjoying the things as they are?
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