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Courseworks:A Level CourseworkAdvanced Level learning is a General Certificate of Education qualification program prevalent in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This A level coursework is usually taken by students who are in the optional final years of Sixth Form or Secondary School. This level of education is meant for those who have completed the GCSE or IGCSE examinations.
The A level education is recognized throughout the world and it is also used as a kind of entrance exam for some University Courses. This is not a compulsory education for students, many students opt this as a non optional course. Though this is not compulsory some private schools offer such A level education coursework to their students. The popularity of A-level education is increasing in some commonwealth countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Malaysia and others. But due to respective system of education the examination methods differ both in terms of style and content, yet the standard remains the same.
No matter what ever may be the examination style and pattern, this coursework includes the below mentioned following subjects. Students are required to choose among them as per the respective discipline of study. For instance those who belong to ‘Science Discovered’ will choose biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and other subjects. In A level study coursework students are required to write short essay type answers for their examination, and for GCSE coursework are compulsory. There is variety of coursework, such as Art & Design, Business Study, Economics, English Literature, Geography, Healthcare, History, Media studies etc.
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