GCSE Coursework

GCSE CourseworkThe students of secondary school take the General Certificate of Secondary Education; its abbreviated form is GCSE coursework. It is a set of English qualifications prevalent in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. This certificate education is also accepted and prevalent in many other countries and the International level of this qualification is called IGCSE. The IGCSE can be applied to the rest of the world and they include more options than the General Certificate of Secondary Education, such as language options, coursework options and others.
Though the General Certificate of Secondary Education is to be taken in secondary schooling, yet if one wishes one can include this coursework while pursuing DIDA, BTECS, or any other diploma. A variety of subjects are included in this coursework. A student has to make a particular set of choice among these subjects for examinations. The course qualification is not compulsory but it’s becoming one of the common qualifications that students seek after. After the students complete their syllabus coursework in two years, they receive grades for each subject. There are all together eight grades – from A*, A, B, C, D, E, F and G. denoting from best to worst.
The subjects that are included in this coursework are – compulsory subjects include English along with A Level coursework, Mathematics and Science. The electives include subjects like Languages where there are many options among Modern Foreign Languages, then one have Classical Languages, Technology, Humanities, People and society-related subjects, Expressive arts and others which include Applied Mathematics, Applied Business and Applied Biology coursework. In most of these options one has to write essay on a particular topic.
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