Wuthering heights essay topics will focus on revenge

Wuthering heights essay topics will focus on revengeWuthering heights is a passionate book that focuses on love and is written by Emily Bronte. The book goes on to prove that love is a mysterious force that has immense power and strength. If you have read the book you will see strong love between Catherine and Heathcliff, and how money comes in between and destroys the beautiful relation they had. If you are a fan of classics then this one book that you should have read if you do not have it in your library. If you have read the book as part of college curriculum then you should be ready to write on Wuthering height essay topics that will be assigned to you by your instructor.
In the novel Emily Bronte shows to the reader much different twist and turns in the theme which will have the reader guessing most of the time. The most interesting and most important themes around which the Wuthering heights essay topic that you could be attempting; these include revenge, spiritual feelings between main characters, obsession, selfishness, and responsibility. The main focus around which the book revolves is the spiritual feeling that exists in the characters.
The main difference between the feelings that the main characters have for each other differs in many ways. For example, the feeling the Catherine has for Heathcliff and the one that she feels for Edgar are totally different. Heathcliff is considered part of her nature, which Edgar is her soul mate. The spiritual love that is depicted in the novel is actually what brings together Heathcliff and Catherine together.
Revenge can also be a theme when you are asked to attempt Wuthering heights essay topics. It is one of the most dominant factors that are book. If you read the book you will see how one man’s love becomes strong hatred. Heathcliff abandons his plan for revenge; for him it had begun from the time he was abused by Hindley when he was young. This was the first time when he hated him and wanted to take revenge from him. Coming back from the journey he took his revenge.
If you are have this book in your curriculum you will most probably have to attempt the following essay questions:
1. Compare and contrast the characters Heathcliff and Lockwood. Does Lockwood’s impression of Heathcliff change by the time he leaves Wuthering Heights?
2. Discuss the meaning of the name of Heathcliff’s home, Wuthering Heights. Does the name reflect on Heathcliff’s personality or the home itself?
3. Discuss Lockwood’s use of flowery Victorian language in assuming Heathcliff and Cathy are husband and wife. Why do you feel he would choose such language?
If you are asked to attempt essay questions on the book you will be asked to write on many aspects on the book. If you are short of time then skimming through the book will be a good idea but you may not be able to write a convincing response especially if you are asked to write on a topic that may require in depth study. If such is the Wuthering height essay question that you may be asked to attempt then its best to leave it to an expert.
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