Thematic essay topics

Thematic essay topicsThematic essay topics need not focus on a particular area
As evident from the name thematic essay topics are those that are based on a particular theme. These are essay topics that are usually given to students at their school or college to check their essay writing capabilities and also to check how well they are with using their imagination. Although, when such topics are assigned the person assigning the topics should consider the level at which the students are, also if the topic will some way be able to connect with what the students are doing.
The easiest of thematic essay topics that can be assigned to students are those based on their life. Everyone has a story to tell. These topics may look simple to write on but can actually reveal a lot about the author which in this case will be the student. There are several thematic essay topics that you could be asked to write for example:
1. What are some of the values that you have to follow in different places uniformly
2. Do you think life is how you see it?
3. Do you think values are more important than education?
One of the most recent developments in time is anti-terrorism laws and practices. This theme is one of the most common and most debated in recent times several thematic essay topics can be chosen on it:
1. What breeds terrorism? How can it be treated? In most cases prevented
2. How has the government tried to improve the security and prevent terrorism around the world?
3. What are some of the most common punishments for terrorism?
One of the most common rising problems is that of the rising pollution and environmental hazards. There is great awareness and talk on this topic. Thematic essay topics on this can be a great way to test the knowledge of the student and also to see what they feel about the issue:
1. Global warming and its effects?
2. What are the different type of pollutions and how can they is prevented?
3. What is the main cause of global warming and what effects does it have?
4. Deforestation and its disadvantages.
5. What caused the Tsunami and how have the different governments dealt with the problems it caused?
If you do not have a particular theme in mind you can also ask the students to attempt thematic essay topics on general themes. These can range from different political developments to music in general or a particular genre or even a particular era. To check the students’ knowledge on different topics other education you can ask them to attempt thematic essay questions on several different generalized themes.
You can focus on their hobbies and see how well they have researched them through the help of the internet or actually how interested they are in finding in detail about their hobbies. You can find several different thematic essay topics on the internet if you are unsure of how to frame such essays. You can even get an idea and come up with your own topic.
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