The outsiders essay topics

The outsiders essay topicsThe outsiders essay topics should mainly focus on the social classes.
The outsiders is a unique novel not only because of its storyline but also because of the fact that the author of the book is a 15 year old girl. The author narrates the experience of one of her dear friends on the novel. This book focuses on a strong rivalry between two groups, which was mainly focused around their socioeconomic status and this is also the main focus of the book. Based on the success of the book it was later adapted for a movie and also a TV series. The book is so interesting that once you read it you will be ready to attempt the outsiders essay topics. There is a large variety of essay topics that can be chosen from and written on, when you attempt to write your essay.
The book talks about the difference between two social economic classes and this can very easily be the focus of the outsider essay topic you may choose to write on. The incidents that have been discussed in the book are all from real life scenarios and thus there is very little in fact no fiction used in the book. This is the reason why the book is very close to the behavior that was portrayed back in the 19th century. There are several different essay topics that you could be asked to attempt. These outsider essay topics can focus on the story or even the life of the author.
Some sample outsiders essay topics are as follow:
1) Comment on the early life of the author and what motivated her to write such a novel.
2) Comment on the reasons behind choosing such a sensitive topic.
3) Compare and contrast the two different social classes that have been discussed in the novel
4) What is the main difference between the two social classes and their treatment of each other?
5) Compare the social classes of back then to the social classes of today
The words that you work with will have a great impact on how you write thus it is best that you choose them carefully. This book has great potential and can easily provide you with several outsiders essay topics that you can write on with great ease if you have read the book properly. Also, no matter what the topic is you need to make sure you have done enough research that will substantiate your work into a good term paper.
If you have access to the internet then you will need no better source to research and find enough material to complete your essay with ease. The choice of outsider essay topics should not just be based on reading the book but also a good amount of research, because you never know what topic may seem easy but you are not able to find information on. If you take too long to come up with a topic then writing on the outsider essay topics will be a task that you will not be able to accomplish in time.
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