The color purple essay topics

The color purple essay topicsThe color purple essay topics are symbolic.
The color purple essay topics can be assigned to students at any level of education. There is a great chance that if you are not an ardent reader that this type of essay writing will cause you difficulty. You will be constantly asking questions like, what questions are addressed in the book. What is the best approach to write about them? What problems should be considered when writing color purple essay topic.
You can start off by considering the structure of the book when choosing color purple essay topics. Like any other normal essay topic you need to make sure that your color purple essay topic has an introduction, body and conclusion.
In the introductory stage you need to introduce the topic, by stating the problem properly, what will you be discussing and formulate your thesis statement on it. Moving on to the main body of the essay you should make sure that you provide supporting details and examples from the book to support your view point. Finally towards the end you need to make sure you reinstate the viewpoint you presented in the introduction and body of your essay.
You can choose from a range of problems that you can highlight when attempting the color purple essay topics:
1. Racial discrimination against black women in the post World War I era.
Here you can talk about Celia who struggles for survival in a world of injustice towards her race. You can talk about the psychological state that she is in when you write your color purple essay topic.
2. Symbolism
You can talk about the different symbolism that has been used in the book. You can talk about the symbolic names, occupations, frogs, eyes and even God.
3. Self discovery
You can also talk about the different journeys of self discovery the individuals travel through and what changes are obvious in them through this journey.
4. The title of the book
You can research the title and see all the discussions that took place about the name of the book and how significant it is. There are many different critics that have talked about this.
The color purple essay topics are usually attempted in the MLA style of writing and thus if you are unaware of this writing style the best advice would be to practice this style so that you will not have difficulty formatting your essay when you write.
Also, if you are not the sort of reader who understands symbolism properly then writing an essay on any of the color purple essay topics is not your piece of cake and thus you should leave it to the experts to write about it. You can get essay writing services who can write these essays for you while you can pay attention to more important things. These experts write well structured essays and thus you do not have to worry about the quality of these essays.
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