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Tale of two cities essay questionsGuide to write on Tale of Two Cities Essay Questions
A Tale of two cities is a classic novel written in 1859 by one the most renowned writers in the history of literature, Charles Dickens. The story was set in London and Paris, before and during the French Revolution. This book also has the record of being the most printed book in the history of fiction.
Many instructors, who follow classic fiction, often ask their students to write essays on these books. Like many other novels, they might ask you to write on Tale of Two Cities Essay Question too. They might give you a question or two, which requires one to have read the book well to answer them.
There can be a variety of questions that an instructor might ask. They may range from simple, asking explanations or opinions on certain area to the tough ones which put up a question which requires detailed and thorough analysis of characters and circumstances.
If you’ve read the book well, it should not be very hard to answer any type of questions. A few, Tale of Two Cities Essay Questions and their proposed way to answer, are given below.
• Talk about at least one way in which the Author compares individual and political aspects in Tale of Two Cities.
You can start to answer this question by giving reference to his dual focus on the Revolution and personal lives of the characters, as he draws many parallels between past events which are part of the history and the characters’ successes. And also mention about the comparisons done in the last chapter, in which he compares Sydney Carlton’s demise with the French Revolution’s violence, connecting both ideas with the concept of rebirth.
• One of the Novel’s significant motifs is the use of dual focus by Dickens. Why does he use this technique, to contrast, compare, or both?
Right from start, many of his characters seemed clubbed together as opposites. For instance Carton is shown as lacking any ambitions and lazy. While Darney has been portrayed as accomplished and motivated and driven. In addition to this, he has treated his other characters in same fashion too. For example Miss Pross and Madame Defarge, both have been portrayed as non-negotiating and the commitment for the sense of duty. Dickens wants to show how apparent different people can have similar underlying traits. This use of dual focus in his story attempts to create an analogy as to how we, humans live in a world of myriad patterns and unknown links.
• How does Dickens use foreshadowing in the Tale of Two Cities?
He uses foreshadowing very commonly throughout. And he creates suspense and a mysterious feel and atmosphere. He uses with many details which make the reader anticipate future; through this technique he involves the readers more psychologically and emotionally into the writing. And since this novel was completed in installments, it teased the readers to want to know more and eventually they needed to read the other installments.
So when dealing with Tale of Two Cities Essay Questions, keep in mind these small tips and guidelines. This will greatly reduce the difficulty in handling these questions!
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