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A streetcar named desire was a story written by Tennessee Williams back in 1947. His birth place was Columbus. He had been sick for the greater part of his childhood, and so he chose writing as his only solace.
The story is actually about Blanche Dubois. She was a school teacher who came to live at her sister’s home without prior notice. Though, quite sooner in the story, it is revealed that she has remained no more the same, what she was in relation to social requirements and standings. Her sister, whose name was Stella, tries to cover up for her but she being pregnant, allows Stanley, her husband’s distrust to amplify between the two.
Like many other novel based essays, there may be a writing assignment on Streetcar named desire essay questions. These questions may have been designed to attempt to know whether the person attempting them really knows about the book or not. Have they understood the themes, motifs and symbols referred throughout the book or not!
A couple of ideas on streetcar named desire essay questions are presented below with a bit of idea as to what to include while answering them.
• What does William’s portrayal of Blanche and Stanley’s lives tell about desire?
You can start answering this question by explaining and exploring the title of the book. The name of the book itself suggests that it talks about the final destination where desire leads one to. Streetcar has been used as a symbol to portray the means which is a driving force, the thrust with which desire takes its victim.
Then you can tell a bit about how Blanch and Stanley both end up. The background Blanche came from, and how her culture suppressed the natural urges. The author maintains a moderate view about indulgence in desires. He believes that it is a fact of our living and as the name suggests a driving agent in his characters.
• The design of the story is driven by the clash of personalities of Blanche and Stanley. What are the reasons of their hatred for each other?
The clearest difference between them is that of background, the social background they both belong to. Stanley was from an immigrant family and is a member of working class. While Blanche on the other hand came from an old family and grew to see herself as an elite. And they meet each other in New Orleans too, which is famous for the variety of cultures it raises.
And the two characters are totally opposite to each other. Stanley is a serious, straightforward, no nonsense guy with little aptitude for patience. Blanche on the other hand believes in fantasy. She likes to misrepresent things and things to be misrepresented to her. It’s her nature to think about how things should be instead of thinking about how things actually are.
So when attempting any streetcar named Desire essay question, you don’t need to panic and haste. What we need to know is the background, context, and symbols in the book. This way we can relate questions to the characters and then eventually develop a plot to base our answers upon.
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