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Slaughterhouse Five Essay topicsWriting tips on a Slaughterhouse Five Essay Topic
We are often required to write essays on certain books on and off. Slaughterhouse Five was an anti-war science fiction novel written in 1969 by Kurt Vonnegut. It was written in a difficult time of the Second World War, and tells the personal experience of the author.
Slaughterhouse Five, deals with a horrifying mass murder in the history of the world. The tragedy, a part of Europe’s history – the Second World War bombing on Dresden, an East German city, on February 13, 1945. The event had more than 130,000 civilian casualties, similar number that was registered which was a result of the Allied bombing raids on Tokyo and the nuclear bomb episode in Hiroshima. The scary thing is that both these massacres occurred in the same year, which was 1945. The residents of Dresden were reduced to ashes or suffocated within a few hours. The book’s central character was Billy Pilgrim.
Some of the few Slaughterhouse Essay topics could be:
· The Destruction of War
Whether we view this topic in terms of the book or generally, the destructive abilities of a war cannot be ignored. When you start writing on this topic, you can narrate Billy’s events from
o The time of his first swimming lessons
o The time when he was captive in the lions club making speeches
o How Billy kept moving in and out of the meat locker and narrowly escaped incineration in a city that was raining fire.
Later, as the author includes the element sci-fi and introduction of Tralfamadorian race, their ability to simultaneously live in all four dimensions of time, could be used as a tool to build upon the content.
· The Illusion of Free Will
Vonnegut uses the Tralfamadorians to put forth a philosophical question about the existence of free will. He shows that they live in a fourth dimension which according to them is a repetition of events that have already happened sometime earlier and keep repeating endlessly. The race accepts this as its fate and believes that they cannot change anything about it. And according to Tralfamadorians, it is only on earth that humans talk of a thing called free will, as they believe they can change anything.
· The importance of Sight
Vonnegut has used Billy’s profession in a symbolic sense. Billy is an optometrist, and has the responsibility of correcting the vision of people. A way in which he can correct the vision of the people is of his knowledge of the fourth dimension, which he gained from the Tralfamadorians. He believes in the theory of time and hence believes that he knows the future, since future being the repetition of the past events. So this idea could also be incorporated.
What’s tricky about writing on Slaughterhouse Five Essay topic is that it requires the writer to know the subject, the content of the book. Make sure when you sit to write on such topics, do read the book thoroughly to get an idea of the original author.
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