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Simple Essay TopicsAn attractive simple essay topic describes everything
Some may say that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Coming up with simple essay topics is probably the most difficult and complex job. Now one might wonder why it is a difficult job. The answer to this question is that, there is always some basic idea, a reason, a rationale behind any written content. And to convey the gist in few words of the entire content, one surely needs to have an interesting and an attractive topic.
Simple essay topics do exactly that! They grasp the idea of the entire writing into them and put it before the reader. A good essay topic generally has the following two qualities.
1. It is eye catchy and attractive to read.
2. Is in form of a phrase and composed of not more than ten words, ideally.
Often writers have an urge to write longer and elaborate topics. They have a desire to make the reader aware about the content of their writing, but that is rarely useful to readers. It makes the topic uninteresting and boring.
An effective essay topic is that, which maintains just the right balance of elaboration and surprise for the reader. That is, it should reveal some idea about the content. But it should also create a desire for the reader to go through the content and actually give it a read! And it is this idea of striking the right balance which makes sure that the writer has sleepless nights. It is difficult because when one writes a topic, a lot of things have to be considered. The entire essence of the article has to be limited to just a few powerful and effective words.
However, one should not be too afraid of writing on good, effective and simple essay topics. One important thing that comes handy while writing good topics is to note down separately, the message intended to be conveyed to the reader. When one has that, it becomes a lot easier to think on parallel lines and experiment with other phrases.
The writer should make sure and remember that the words that make up the essay topic are:
1. Attractive
2. Easy and straightforward
3. Understandable
If we consider these guidelines and put a decent amount of thought into framing the essay topic, there is no doubt that we won’t come up with a good, effective and simple essay topic.
Remember, when one has an attractive essay topic, it impacts the reader and creates a very strong impression about the author. This also shows that the author has a complete control over what they’re writing and are able to express their thoughts to more people. So it’s a skill worth mastering. And like all other skills, this too comes with practice. The more you write, the better your chances of becoming an expert at it.
By now, one should realize that writing on simple essay topic is not that hard to come up with. It’s just about practicing, choosing the right set of words to convey your idea and simultaneously improving and learning with passage of time.
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