How to choose a research essay topic

How to choose a research essay topicWhen you are required to write on a research paper topic, research will be involved at many levels. To start off you will need to research the topic, then go on to research on the topic itself and see what you can include in it. The research aims at exploring a particular topic in great depth. You can choose to research your point of view and validate it through the support of opinions, positions and facts. The best way to find information is through the use of works of scholars who are considered experts in the field that you are aiming at researching. On the bases of the data that you find in your research you can make your conclusions and include your own point of view to it.
The data can be chosen from various sources. The sources can either be secondary or primary or you can use a combination of both. Secondary sources can easily be found but there is a great chance that they may not be specific for the purpose you are researching for and thus using primary sources is the safest option that you should use when you are researching.
The selection of the research essay topic is a task that needs to be done with great care. If you choose a topic that does not have a lot of information on it then you will not be able to complete the research in time. There are several considerations that need to be put in when selecting the topic. They are as follows
Audience: The first thing that you need to consider when choosing a research essay topic is the audience that you will be writing for. At the academic level the audience will be your course instructor. The choice of topic should be made considering the guidelines provided by the instructor. There will be set criteria for the selection of the topic that should be kept in mind at all times.
Scope: You need to ensure that the scope of your research essay topic. At the academic level the scope will start off with the course title. Use simple tools to research the topic, if you are provided with an outline for the topic then you should use that to research the topic. The topic has to be such that it has enough information to be researched on and it should not be something that is too broad and cannot be researched.
Brainstorming: Once the direction for the topic is clear you have to refine your research and look for ideas that fit the criteria. You will have to brainstorm and come up with an idea that is researchable. You need to make sure that the topic is something that is unique and not an everyday topic that everyone works on.
The internet is a great resource for information, but it has certain limitations. If you are choosing your research essay topic its best you double check the information that you look for as there is a chance that the information may not be authentic.
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