Pride and prejudice essay questions revolve around love

Pride and prejudice essay questions revolve around loveWriting on classics novel has been a daunting task for most students. Attempting Pride and prejudice essay questions is one such task. This is a romantic novel written by Jane Austin that revolves around the lives of two main characters Elizabeth and William. Although, students find this as a difficult task most instructors usually assign literature topics based on classics. The main essence of the novel along with the storyline is the language that is used. It is something worth mentioning as you write, as this sort of language is not used anymore. The book also tells about the way people behaved back in those days; formality was the basic norm back then. This may be considered strange now but this was how the society operated back then. This book was written in a time when the social class and status mattered a lot and the behavior was given great importance. Most pride and prejudice essay questions focus on the lives of the British people during the time the book was written. Attempting this essay question requires the writer to be well aware about the customs of those times. These questions cannot merely be attempted by going through the book. You need to research about the British history before having a chance to write well.
You can also be asked to attempt an essay on the lives of the different characters in the book, like the character of Elizabeth Bennet who was the second daughter born in the family. You can be asked to compare her with her other sisters on the basis of her wittiness. For example, Jane was a shy child and you could be asked to compare the characters of both these sisters. Darcey is seen as a male chauvinist during her first meeting with Elizabeth. Although, at a later stage she is proven wrong and she eventually falls in love with the person she hated at first. It also goes to prove that you cannot force anyone to fall in love with you and also you have no control over who you fall in love with. You could be asked to use examples from the book and comment on true love in the pride and prejudice essay questions. This sort of writing is always thought to be interesting and easy by most students as they mostly give their own point of view with support from the book.
Pride and prejudice essay questions usually are based around the following themes:
· The family
· Character sketches
· Character sketch of the author
· The lifestyle that prevailed in Britain back then
There is an expected flow of events that keeps the reader interested throughout when he is reading the novel. This is a similar approach that you will have to adopt when you are attempting pride and prejudice essay questions. How you attempt the essay question will directly impact the interest of the reader and thus the readers’ interest needs to be kept in mind when you write.
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