Tips for Writing a Research Essay

Writing research essays takes a lot of work
Writing a research essay is a quite common assignment in higher education. But “common” does not mean “easy”. Quite on the contrary, many students have difficulties when they have to write such an assignment. And that is because not everyone knows the basic facts for writing an appropriate research paper. Note that the concept of the research essay is not as simple as it seems: at first, the student believes all they have to do is choose a topic, do some research on it and then, write the essay based on such a research. Bad news: it is not simple at all.
Choosing your topic
Since a broad topic will end up in a superficial essay, narrowing your topic is a must when you are writing a research essay. What does it mean? It means you should not be dealing with too much information in just one essay. That is why research essay topics should be chosen carefully. The best scenario is that your own teacher is willing to provide you a list of possible topics and your task is limited to choosing the one you prefer. Unfortunately, some teachers are reluctant to topic suggestions, since they believe finding one is part of the student’s work.
Choose an essay question
When writing research essays you must keep in mind that they should be structured not only through their topics, but also around answering a certain essay question the student gets to choose. After all, it is not just writing a report on everything you have read about a certain topic, but answering a question or controversy related to the topic instead.
Referencing your research essay
When writing an essay, you should always quote the main bibliography you consulted. Try to include as many texts, documents and testimonies as possible, to show the examiner your commitment to your investigation. Do not constraint yourself to one or two authors.
Of course, you must always quote the used bibliography. It is basic for you, as a student, to learn how to reference an essay in a suitable way. For every single quote you must always mention the author, their work, the publisher and the year, as well as the page where you extracted the quote from. And don’t forget about quotation marks, otherwise you could be accused of plagiarism.
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