Tips for Your Jaws Essay

Jaws essays don’t bite!
This is a very popular topic for school essays nowadays. A Jaws essay has the advantage that every student has watched the movie, or at least has some idea on what is it about (a monstrous white shark that attacks the peaceful community of Amity island). So don’t freak out if a teacher asks you to write an essay on this topic, because you could do much worse! Jaws essays are funny to write and read, although you should focus on “serious” topics and not only laugh at how special effects from the Seventies seem so old and fake.
The film Jaws was released in 1975, and three years later, a sequel followed. We suggest you to at least watch the first film in order to write a proper essay.
Some possible topics
Jaws is a thriller: a possible Jaws essay topic is describe how this particular film fits into the genre and its characteristics (for example, fast pacing, frequent action, an exotic placing and resourceful heroes who must thwart the plans of more powerful villains, which in this case, is the shark). Another possible topic is the struggle between man and nature, and how intelligence beats instinct. Analyzing how and why the audience gets scared in some specific parts of this film is another possible topic for your essay.
Don’t “tell the story”
You may feel tempted to use some valuable word amount summarizing the plot of the film. Don’t. Teachers feel it is a waste of time, the student’s as well as theirs. So go straight to the analysis of the film and let the teacher find out about the details. Maybe its been a long time since your teacher watched Jaws… even better! They will have to go out to the DVD store and rent it! Wouldn’t it be great if, for once, they had some homework to do this time?
Comparison between the films
Finally, another topic you may focus on Jaws essays is a comparison or contrast between different movies on the series, finding similarities and differences between the two of them. For example, you may compare the attack scenes, the presentation of the main characters, the use of special effects or the techniques Steven Spielberg (in Jaws) and Jeannot Szwarcuse (in Jaws 2) use to create suspense. Watching both films will give you a much wider perspective on the characters and their roles.
And next time you are required to write a Jaws essay and you simply don’t have the time, the energy or the will to do it yourself, remember it is not safe downloading any free essay sample you find somewhere on the Internet.
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