The outsiders essay topics mostly focus on a comparison between social classes

The outsiders essay topics mostly focus on a comparison between social classes“The outsiders” is a novel that is surprisingly written by an author who was only 15 at the time she started writing it. The author S.E. Hinton narrates the experiences of one of her friend’s in the novel. This book talks about the two groups that were strong rivals. Their main difference was on their socioeconomic status and this is what the book also focuses on. The book was so successful that it was converted into a movie and also a TV series. The work is so amazing that if your instructor asks you to read it then you should be ready to do essay writing on it. There is a big range of the outsiders essay topics you could be asked to write on depending on the preference of your instructor.
The book focuses on the sensitive topic of socioeconomic class that you can easily use this example if you are doing research paper writing in your psychology or humanities course. The book talks about real incidents and thus there is very little in fact no fiction that is there. Thus the information that is presented in it is close to the behavior that was there in the early nineteenth century. You can be asked to attempt several different topics on the book. Considering the age of the author most instructors usually ask the students to write about the early life of the young author and what motivated her to write on such a story. As a child most people live a care free life and do not even care about the hardships faced. However, this young author decided to choose such a sensitive topic.
You could be asked to compare the behaviors of the two different social classes that have been talked about in the book. You could either choose to write on the overall behavior or choose to write about a few aspects that were prevalent. This obviously will be dependent on the words that you have to work with. This book has a potential to provide a good number of term paper topics which if written on can focus on all the different aspects of the book. You can even be asked to compare the social classes of those days with the ones today. No matter what the topic is you need to make sure that you have researched well if you want to be able to write a good paper.
If you search the internet you can at least find one free essay on the book. You can easily see how the topics on the book have been approached and use the same approach when writing. Although, you should be advised that you should not copy material from these free essays and come up with an original ideas when writing. The different outsider essay topics will be a challenge if you choose to wait till the last moment and start working on the essay. You need to critically analyze the details beforehand if you want to write a good essay.
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