Writing a Mentorship Essay

Mentorship essays can be focused in different ways
This is a very popular topic when it comes for writing personal essays. A mentor is typically a person who has a deep influence on the student’s life and career. That is why is so common to write mentorship essays, especially if you are looking for college admission. There are certain mentorship techniques that can be used in order to help a person reach their full potential development in any given field. For example, accompanying, the mentor taking part in the learning process by taking the path with the learner; showing, by using the mentor’s own example to demonstrate a skill or activity; catalyzing, the mentor plunging the learner right into change, provoking a different way of thinking.
Searching for a definition
A good idea is to begin your mentorship essay with a definition of the concept. Even if you are aware that the examiner already knows what a mentor is, it is a way of introducing the topic before describing your particular mentorship relation.
The meaning of mentorship is a personal developmental relationship marked by asymmetry: one of them is a more experienced person (the mentor), they help a less experienced or less knowledgeable person (the protege, apprentice or mentee). Mentoring involves communication and is relationship based. Bozeman and Feeney, in their book Toward a useful theory of mentoring: A conceptual analysis and critique, define mentorship as “a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development”.
Mentorship essay topics
Mentorship essays imply an understanding of the leadership concept. In your essay you must demonstrate that you do so. There are specific topics that you can begin to write about when considering mentorship for your essay, and all of them will be helpful for identifying the qualities of this kind of leader.
For example, you may choose to write your essay on theories of leadership, comparing or contrasting two or more. Another topic are the different ways of being a mentor, focusing on approaches and techniques. If you are interested in pedagogy, mentors as educators is another suitable topic, if you choose it don’t forget to consider the different pedagogical theories implied. Finally, writing about your own experience as a protege and how deep your mentor has influenced in your life is another way of describing the concept of leadership and proving you fully understand it. By writing on any of these topics, you will be able to define the meaning of being a mentor with positive attributes and different ideals, and how to use them to lead a group.
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