What do your Essay Marks Depend on?

An essay mark is based upon a series of criteria
You have worked a long time in your essay, and by now you could quote any paragraph from it without making a mistake. And you believe you are ready to hand it in. But, aren’t you a little concerned about your essay mark? Wouldn’t you like to know in advance if it is truly a good essay? Of course, grammar mistakes or misspelling can cost you a valuable mark. Formatting mistakes are also an issue to some educational institutions. What exactly is taken into account in essay marks?
In general, most of the examiners take into account for the essay marking some of these criteria. Keep reading and find out if your is truly a good essay.
Writing correctly
Your academic writing style is very important for getting a great essay mark. You should maintain a formal academic register all through the essay, keeping a clear language but, at the same time, introducing technical vocabulary specific to the discipline.
As for spelling and grammar, which, as we mention before, are also significant, you should proofread the essay in order to make sure that every one of the sentences are grammatically correct, that you are using the tenses consistently and that there are no spelling mistakes the word processor could have missed.
Organization and use of source material
For many examiners is fundamental that the student can manage to organize the essay in an appropriate way. That means basically writing an introduction, some body paragraphs and finish with a proper conclusion. The information should be displayed gradually through the essay and the arguments that support the main statements must be logically structured.
Your own ideas are very important, but you should also be able to quote others. When writing an essay, you should select relevant material and, at the same time, discard the secondary sources of information. Of course, you should always quote appropriately, referencing the bibliography and thus keeping your essay free of plagiarism.
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