Effectiveness of Persuasive Essay Topics Sometimes Depends on the Audience

Effectiveness of Persuasive Essay Topics Sometimes Depends on the AudienceIntroduction…
There are essentially four main types of essays. They are descriptive essay, narrative essay, persuasive essay and expository essays. Persuasive essay topics are among the hardest to write because of their objective differ from the rest of the types. The very aim of writing a persuasive essay is to convince the readers to act as the writer wishes them so. So, the topics not only have to be attractive and meaningful, they also need to be powerful and convincing, radiating authority and inspiration. Word count has to be below ten. A tell tale long title may work for a custom research paper but not a custom essay, certainly not a persuasive essay. We only need a few, awe inspiring words, not jargon. Many descriptive essay topics are by themselves descriptive! They contain more than ten words and the readers will find it difficult to distinguish between the title and the first sentence of the essay! So, essay writing becomes easy if one can find help to write one’s student essay.
The writing style that the writer uses for the persuasive essay topics also depends on the audience group that he targets. For example, if the target audience is a group of children, the choice of words and the examples etc would be different. The subject matter may probably have something to do with watching too much TV not being good for children. In such a case the writer must understand that the way to deal with children is different from the way one deals with adults. He must switch to a simpler and more subtle way of putting things across to the readers as they are mostly children. He also has to be clear and accurate in what he says. ‘Children’ here, does not point to kids under the age of eight or so. We are assuming that they are between ten and twelve and are able to comprehend what is being given to them at their own level. So, when the writer constructs the persuasive essay topics, he must come down to their level and make them understand.
So, if the audience consists of women, the subject may be something to do with using too much cosmetics and the like. Here again, the writer has to come up to their level of understanding and change his style to suit the requirements. He could state some examples where the chemicals in cosmetics caused harm to the women using it. Here, the objective is not to bring about a scandal or frighten the women. The examples are just elements of the essay that support the main idea of the essay. The topic may be something like ‘Say NO to cosmetics’ or something more powerful and convincing. Hence the persuasive essay is perhaps like an argumentative essay in that the objective of both essays is to prove something to the readers. There are many sample essay topics that talk about how topics should be written. Persuasive essay topics should rightly address the target audience.
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