Thematic Essay Topics are based on Particular Themes!

Thematic Essay Topics are based on Particular Themes!A Few Examples for Thematic Essay Topics…
Thematic essay topics are based on particular themes. These essay topics can be commonly given in schools and colleges for student essay. The person who is setting the topics should abide by the theme. Here are some of the themes and the related topics that can be chosen for a particular theme:
Values of life theme:
If the theme given is values of life then the topics should be related to this theme. These topics can be the best essay topics as the articles can be eye openers for the people. Here are some topics for this theme:
• List out the different values that a person needs to follow in different places.
• Are values very important for running a business? – give your opinion.
• Are values more important than education? –elaborate.
• Uneducated person with values and n educated person without any values – who is more ignorant?
Anti-terrorism theme:
This will be very interesting for thematic essay topics. Terrorism is shaking the world now. Here are some topics on this theme:
• What are the root causes for terrorism and how it can be prevented?
• What are the steps taken by the government around the world to prevent terrorism?
• What are the punishments if a terrorist is caught? (this can be taken for crime and punishment essay topics)
These are some of the topics that can be taken for the particular theme.
Environment theme:
Environment hazards are the ongoing problem. Many scientists are worried because of the negative changes that are happening to the natural environment. One can write on and on for this particular theme in any form of writing like essay writing, term paper writing or even asresearch paper writing. Here are some topics for this theme:
• Global warming and its effects.
• Features of different types of pollution.
• The climatic changes happening around the world due to environmental hazards.
• Deforestation and its disadvantages.
• Tsunami and its cause.
• The types of natural disasters.
These are some of the thematic essay topics that can be considered for the environment theme.
80’s theme:
This is a generalized theme. Anything can be taken that happened during the 80’s period. Here are some topics:
• List the major political events that happened during the time of 80’s.
• Write about the Olympic events that happened during the 80’s period.
• What are the award winning movies that were released during the 80’s.
Music theme:
Music is a form of art and it has been down the history for a long time. Here are a few topics for music:
• Name and elaborate five famous musicians.
• Describe the different music instruments that are used in country music.
• Give a brief history on the industry of music.
• Name and describe some of the famous types of music around the world.
These are some of the themes and topics that can considered for thematic essay topics.
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