Ideas for Improving your China Essay

China essays can be very interesting to prepare
China is an ancient civilization which has always fascinated the Western world (and it still does). That is why so many teachers can request a China essay. It is a very rich topic which can be focused in many different ways so, if you have been asked to write an essay on this incredible country, don’t feel bad: you can learn a lot by studying Chinese culture, geography or history.
It is hard writing so many essays, even a short China essay requires some research, it can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. In any case, remember you can always trust us with your writing assignments and you will find high quality writers ready to provide you with a custom made, 100% original and unique work. But if you decide to write it yourself, here there are some tips that can be helpful.
Some topic ideas
Selecting the right topic is essential for writing a successful essay. After all, if you choose the wrong topic, you will never write the best possible essay. When writing about China (or any other culture) consider how wide the topic can be: China has its own millennial culture, its own language, its economy, a fascinating history with many different periods, landscapes and regions, its literature, etc. You can’t write abut everything on the same essay. So start by narrowing your topic: you can choose to write, for example, about China’s overpopulation or China’s one child policy (topics you have probably heard or read about in the media), Chinese communism during and after Mao Tzedong, or Chinese philosophy (Confucianism is the best possible essay Western students).
Keep on mind that choosing a very wide topic will make your analysis very superficial. A narrow topic, instead, will allow you to go deeply into the subject of choice. That is precisely why China essays should always have a well established topic.
Using paratexts in your essay about China
Paratext is the concept used for designating all the elements that provide a framework for the written text, such as the title, the subtitles and the index, for example. But there are other forms of paratext students do not usually include in their essays: maps, photographs, graphics or charts. All of these elements can enrich your essay.
For example, a map of China and its regions is a basic paratext you must add, because it will add some value to your essay, even if it is only illustrating information already provided by text. But if your essay mentions some numbers as well, remember to illustrate them with clear graphics and charts. Believe us: teachers love them!
Finally, if your essay has a section that describes the lands, spaces and physical characteristics of China, a good paratext to include are pictures and photographs of the mentioned places. For example, you can illustrate with some photographs the economical activities that take place in a certain region of the country.
As you can see, in many ways paratexts can be really helpful when it comes to China essays.
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