Different Genres of Essay Topics

Different Genres of Essay TopicsEssay topics can be classified into different categories. These topics are largely adopted for different forms of writing like term paper writing, research paper writing, etc. they have been classified according to the format that has to be followed, the way of writing and the feature of each topic.
Some of the classifications of such topics are as follows:
Narrative essay topics:
Topics for which the essays have to be written in the form of narration- that is, from the personal point of view of the writer are called as the narrative essay topics. The essay writing will be in the perspective of the writer. This type does not require much writing as the writer writes what he or she feels about the particular subject.
Short essay topics:
Essay topics that have to be written shortly are categorized under this category. These topics cannot be adopted for term paper writing and research paper writing as the article for these formats goes for pages and they are not short. The topics will be on subjects that do not cover a wide range or the topic will be on a particular division of the subject. The number of words will not exceed five hundred words on these types of essays.
Subjective essay topics:
This category contain topics that are usually asked for a student essay. The topics are asked from a particular subject like English, physics, chemistry, biology, history, business, journalism, mass media etc. these topics are given to test the knowledge of the writers over the particular subject. Thus, these topics are given mostly to students to evaluate their knowledge in a particular subject. These topics are given in the tests also. These topics are given for high school students and at times for the college students.
Comparative essay topics:
These essay topics are given to writers to make a distinct comparison between two subjects that are of the same type. These topics are given with the aim of finding out how one subject is different from the other. Such topics are useful for comparing two products with the one common feature or any other similarity. This type if topics are given to find which of the two subjects is better or if both are the same.
Topics for college essays:
Topics chosen by keeping college students are the topics for college essays. Such topic covers a wide range of subjects. There are many departments in a college. Each department will have its own subjects and syllabus. In certain departments like the English literature department, writing essays is a must. Writing down topics according the subjects that each department has are topics for college essays. The topics need not always be subject based. The topics can also be chosen to make the students think, general topics, social topics, political topics, etc. the most common topics given to students are current affairs topics.
These are some of the types of essay topics. There are also many other types of topics.
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