Persuasive Essay Topics Win Hearts – and Minds of the Readers!

Persuasive Essay Topics Win Hearts – and Minds of the Readers!Persuasive essay topics are best when they contain just a few words. Well, why do you write an essay? Essay writingforms a part of the curriculum for many school going students. Even those pursuing their doctorate are sometimes required to write essay (perhaps when they are not out conducting some big survey and preparing a custom research paper!) as part of an assignment. To put in simple words, an essay is a small piece of writing that is written from the author’s own point of view. There are mainly four types of essays. They are descriptive essays, narrative essay, persuasive essay and expository essays. There are also other types such as argumentative, comparative and so on.
A descriptive essay is one in which a detailed description of the subject in question is given in such a way that the readers can understand it through their senses. The topics for these essays, like persuasive essay topics, should contain only a few words. For instance, if the essay is about a house, there should be detailed accounts of the building, the type of paint used, the number of rooms, the entire feel of the house, whether it is a dreary old building or a stunning strong mansion, the color of the paint, the type of people inside, perhaps and so forth. The objective is to convey to the readers how the building is to the eye, to the touch, its scent and so on. But in a narrative essay, the story is different altogether. A narration is mostly in the form of a story. It is usually in the first person but is also, other times, in the third person. A narrative essay is all about a sequence o0f events that occurred at a particular point of time. Unlike persuasive essay topics, such this kind of an essay topic can be a bit longer, but not ‘boring longer’! The essay deals essentially with a series of actions, what someone did and felt rather than how he looked, etc. All novels are good examples of a narration.
An expository essay is one that contains a list of steps or instructions to do a particular activity. A recipe is a perfect example of expository writing. It tells the reader how to do a certain action. A persuasive essay is that which attempts to persuade a reader to carry out a particular task by stating the pros and cons of that particular act. For example, if the writer wants his readers to cultivate the habit of reading books, the ideas and examples in the essay will be directed towards that goal. There would be lines that talk about what good comes of reading books – enhancement of vocabulary, the rich knowledge promised by the pages in the book, a good way to invest and not spend time and so forth. Thus, persuasive essay topics for this custom essay should make the reader pick up a book off the rack of a library the moment he finishes reading the essay!
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